Logan Health

Logan Health Fitness is the only facility in Kalispell with an indoor pool and hot tub. We offer aquatic activities for the entire family. In addition to open swim times we offer swim lessons, aquatic exercise classes, adult program and lap swim. Check out the pool schedule (link to schedules page) for all our fun pool activities.   

Aquatic Facilities: 

  • Lap/Multi-Use Pool: 6 lanes x 25 yards, temperature is 80-81 degrees. 
  • Whirlpool Spa: 102 degrees, maximum capacity of 10 people. 
  • Please review Pool Rules  
  • Pool Schedule

Aquatic Supervisor: Beth Sibert, bsibert@logan.org, 406-751-4141 

Swim Times

We offer lap swim and family open swim times throughout the day and week. Please check the pool schedule (link to schedule page) for days and times. 

Lap swim: Available for swimmers 14 yrs. and older.  Private swimming lessons may occur during lap swim times.  Please share lanes and circle swim up to 6 swimmers per lane is common pool etiquette.   

Open Swim: Family and children swim time with a lifeguard on duty.  See pool rules for age guidelines.  

  • Saturday & Sunday 2:00p.m.-6:00pm, lifeguard on duty. 
  • Monday & Wednesday & Friday (September – May Only) evenings 6:30pm-8:00pm 
  • Summer open swims are M-F 1:30-3:30 pm 
  • Check the back of the pool schedule for other schedule changes. 

This is the only time children 13 and younger can use the pool.  Special groups and days with no school per district 5 calendar will have added open swim times, check pool schedule for those dates.   

Neon Nights: Friday nights from 6:30 – 8 pm. Fun family open swim with some glow neon lights and music. Free for members. Non-members pay day fee. 

Aquatic Programs

Aquatic Exercise 

All Aquatic Exercise Classes are free and ongoing. JOIN US ANYTIME! 

Working out in the pool is an excellent non-impact way to build strength, reduce body fat, and increase flexibility. All our instructors are certified and welcome you!  

See group exercise or pool schedule for days and time. 

Adult Swim Workouts

Calling all adult swimmers interested in coached workouts! Join us for Adult Swim Workouts coached by David Lillard and Ted Burnham. 

Class starts mid-September, no registration required, free to members. Non-members pay facility day fee. 

  • Tuesdays 5:30-6:30 am 
  • Thursdays 5:30-6:30 am 
  • Saturdays 7:00-8:15 am 

Mermaid Fitness for Adults

Mermaid Fitness 101 
Mermaid workout and experience.  Instructor led, lifeguard on duty. 
Must be 18 and older. 
Must Pre-register and pay $75.00/members, $95.00/non members. 
Must provide your own mermaid tail, monofin, and goggles. 
Must be able to swim 25 yards with face in water and float on front and back comfortably. 
*Mermaid tails are not permitted any other time(lap swim or open swim) in the pool due to safety concerns. 
Starts Tuesday October 3, 2023-November 21st.  Tuesdays 7:30pm-8:30pm 

Contact Beth Sibert with any questions, bsibert@logan.org, or 406-751-4141

Group Swim Lessons

Logan Health Medical Fitness Center offers swim lessons for all ages. We don’t teach lessons. We teach PEOPLE HOW TO SWIM. After all, learning to swim is a LIFETIME GIFT that can save your child’s life. Our goal is to teach your child to swim for health, safety, fun and fitness.

Spring 2024 Swim Lesson Info Sheet

Spring Session Registration Dates

  • Member: March 5 at 9 a.m.
  • Non-member: March 7 at 9 a.m.
  • Spring Session: April – May

Ages 5 and older ~ SwimAmerica

SwimAmerica is the state of the art learn to swim program. We don’t teach lessons. We teach PEOPLE HOW TO SWIM. After all, learning to swim is a LIFETIME GIFT that can save your child’s life. Our goal is to teach your child to swim for health, safety, fun and fitness.

Station Descriptions:
Station 1 – Never taken swim lessons and will not put their face in the water. Goal: 10 relaxed bobs
Station 2 – Comfortable putting their heads underwater but cannot yet float. Goal: Front and back glide and recover – 5 seconds.
Station 3 – Can float and glide on front and back, but have not yet learned kicking. Goal: Front and back kick 15 ft.
Station 4 – Can kick on front and back and are ready to add arms. Goal: Side-glide-kick 20 ft, crawl stroke 20 ft (no breathing).
Station 5 – Can do crawl stroke but have not yet learned breathing. Goal: Crawl stroke with breathing.
Stroke School – Have learned freestyle with proper breathing and want to learn other strokes and covers skills from stations 6 & 7.
Station 6 – Goal: Freestyle 25 yds, backstroke 30 ft, tread water for 1 minute.
Station 7 – Goal: Freestyle 50 yds, backstroke 25 yds, kick breaststroke 20 ft.
Stroke refinement – build endurance with all strokes and covers skills from stations 8, 9, & 10.
Station 8 – Goal: Freestyle 100 yds, breaststroke 25 yds, butterfly 30 ft.
Station 9 – Goal: Freestyle 200 yds, butterfly 25 yds, breaststroke 50 yds, elementary backstroke 50 yds, sidestroke 50 yds.
Station 10 – Goal: Freestyle 300 yds, backstroke 100 yds, individual medley 100 yds.

Cancellation & Transfer Policy

Cancellations: Must be made three business days prior to the start of the session for a full refund minus a $5.00 administrative fee per participant, per session. Make-up lessons and/or credits will not be available should a lesson be missed for any reason. No refunds or credits will be issued after the session begins.

Transfers: There is a $5.00 transfer fee to transfer participants to a different session provided there is space available.

Photography Policy

Photographs may be taken on the final day of scheduled swim lessons. Photographs may only include your child.

We reserve the right to preview photos and delete digital images that may include unauthorized individuals to insure privacy of its patrons.

Private Swim Lessons

Private lessons are open to Logan Health Fitness Members. Please email Beth to get on the private swimming lesson waitlist.  

Contact Beth Sibert, Aquatics Supervisor with questions.
bsibert@logan.org, 406-751-4141

Private Prices

( 1 person) 



Single (30 min) 



4 Class Package (30 min) 



8 Class Package (30 min) 



  • All private lessons expire twelve (12) months from date purchased and are non-refundable.
  • When you arrive for private lessons please check in at the front desk. Non-members will sign in on the non-member sheet or members will check in prior to heading to the pool. The front desk will ask for the swim instructor’s name and give you a printed slip for the instructor. The instructor will have you sign a waiver if needed.
  • Please use an appropriate locker room (children-Boys/Girls, adults-Mens/Womens). All swimmers must use the restroom and take a shower before entering the pool. Bring goggles, tie back long hair or wear a swim cap (goggles & caps available for purchase at the pro shop or front desk).
  • To swim after your lesson non-members must purchase a day pass from the front desk. Members and non-members may swim in the pool ONLY when a lifeguard is on duty during open swim. Children 6 & under must be accompanied in the water by a responsible party. The spa is only available to children 14 and older. Policies and rules are enforced.

Cancellations MUST occur 5 hours in advance or you will be charged for that lesson. PLEASE call your instructor directly with schedule conflicts. If you are unable to reach your instructor, call the Front Desk at 751-4100.

Swim Team

Glacier Aquatic Club

Glacier Aquatic Club (GAC) swim team practices at Logan Health Medical Fitness Center. Come and see what all the excitement is about! Kids who can swim a 25 freestyle and 25 back can join the swim team. Come see if the swim team is for you with 10 free trials! GAC is a year round competitive swimming program. GAC is a member of Montana Swimming and is governed by the USA swimming Organization. GAC is a non-profit organization and run by a volunteer board of directors. Board meetings are the third Wednesday of every month. These meetings are open to the general GAC membership. All GAC members must also be a member of Logan Health Medical Fitness Center. For membership information, call 751-4107.

For more information visit the GAC USA Swimming website.

Lifeguard Training

This course is approximately 20 hrs long. Upon completion you will receive certification cards in CPR for the Professional Rescuer / AED, Lifeguard Training & Standard First Aid (2 yr.certifications). Minimum participants is three with a maximum of 10. See attached information sheet for specific course dates and times.

*Next course: February 20 – March 16, 2024. Registration information below:

Course Fee (includes book & Red Cross certification cards):
Members: $200
Non-Members: $250
Register at the front desk at Logan Health Fitness Center
Sign up online now

More Information: Contact Beth Sibert, (406) 751-4141 or email us

Course Prerequisites
***Must be 15 yrs. old or older
***Swim 300 yards continuously, using these strokes in the following order (goggles OK).
–100 yd of front crawl using rhythmic breathing & a stabilizing/propellant kick. Rhythmic breathing may be done by breathing to the side or the front.
–100 yd of breaststroke.
–100 yd of either front crawl or breaststroke (or a mixture of the two strokes).
***Swim 20 yds. using front crawl or breaststroke, surface dive to 7 to 10 feet, retrieve a 10 lb. brick, return to the surface, take the brick back to start, place on the side of the pool and climb out within 1 minute & 40 seconds (NO goggles)
***Tread water for 2 minutes with legs ONLY.

Lifeguard Training Course Info

Pool Rules

Aquatic Age Guidelines


  • Children under 6: Not allowed to use hot tub at any time.
  • Children age 6: May use hot tub during Open Swim only AND an adult must be in the hot tub with them.
  • Children 7-13: May use hot tub during Open Swim only AND an adult must be on premises.
  • Age 14+: Full Access, no restrictions.


  • Under 14 Years of Age: Open swim when Lifeguard on Duty Per Montana State Regulations.
  • Under 7 Years of Age: During Open Swim times when a lifeguard is on duty with Direct Adult (18+) Supervision – Supervising Adult Must Be In the Water with the Child, Max 2 non-swimmers per adult.
  • Members Ages 7-10: During Open Swim times when a lifeguard is on duty, a responsible adult (18+) must be on premises.
  • Members Ages 11-13:  During Open Swim times when a lifeguard is on duty. May Use Pool Without Adult Supervision on the premises.
  • 14 & Older: Full access.


  • Under 7 Years of Age:  During Open Swim times when a lifeguard is on duty with Direct Adult (18+) Supervision – Supervising Adult Must Be In the Water with children, Max 2 non-swimmers per adult.
  • Non-Members Ages 7-13: During Open Swim times when a lifeguard is on duty, a responsible adult (18+) must be on premises.
  • 14 and older: Full access.

Multi-Use Pool Rules

  • RULES may change at the lifeguards’ discretion.
  • Children 6 & under must be with an adult 18+ in the water.
  • Non-swimmers and children 13 & under shall not use the pool without a lifeguard on duty.
  • Maximum Capacity 125
  • MAX ratio of 1 adult to 2 non-swimmers is allowed.
  • Take a cleansing shower before using the pool.
  • Please do not use the pool if you have diarrhea or any other disease transmittable by water.
  • Do not bring food-drink-gum or tobacco into the pool area.
  • Swimmers not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper with waterproof pants with elastic openings for legs & waist.
  • Do not change diapers near the pool or on deck.
  • No animals in the pool or deck area except as required under the Americans With Disabilities Act.
  • No glass or breakable material allowed in the pool area.
  • Offensive or unsanitary behavior is prohibited.
  • No running or rough play.
  • No cell phone use beyond the front desk.
  • Photo policy- MUST sign waiver & photograph your family.
  • Excessive noise kept to a minimum.
  • No diving.
  • Jump feet first & from the gutter (NOT the pool deck).
  • Flotation devices MUST be US Coastguard approved. No mermaid tails.
  • One Warning Rule applies, 2nd warning may cause suspension from pool area.
  • Swimmers may need to pass the deep-water swim test: Swim with face in the water making forward movement 1 length of pool (25 yards) & tread water for 1 minute.
  • Patrons in lifejackets: between the shallow end & black line.
  • No breath holding or excessive underwater swimming.
  • Mask & Snorkel not allowed unless trained to use.

Spa Rules

  • Children under 6: Not allowed to use hot tub at any time.
  • Children age 6: May use hot tub during Open Swim only AND an adult must be in the hot tub with them.
  • Children 7-13: May use hot tub during Open Swim only AND an adult must be on premises.
  • Age 14+: Full Access, no restrictions.
  • Take a cleansing shower before using the spa.
  • Heat stroke warning – Users limited to 15 minutes in spa.
  • Maximum Capacity 10
  • Please do not use the spa if you have diarrhea or any other disease transmittable by water.
  • Warning – people using prescription medication and/or having the following medical conditions should consult with their physician before entering the spa: pregnancy, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or other serious medical condition.
  • Staying in a spa too long may result in
  • dizziness, fainting, and nausea.
  • Enter and exit the spa slowly.
  • Keep head above the water.
  • No persons under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol may use the spa.
  • No Public Displays of Affection.
  • No horseplay.

Aquatic Attire Policy

  • Only bathing suits and aquatic apparel are allowed in pool and spa.
  • Attire not allowed in the pool and spa includes, but is not limited to:
    • Thong-style or similar swimwear
    • Swimsuits that are see through when wet
    • Underwear, including sports bras
    • Gym shorts, cut offs and clothing with buttons and zippers
  • Children not toilet-trained must wear swim diapers with waterproof pants in the pool. No regular diapers allowed in the pool. Swim diapers and waterproof pants can be purchased at the Summit at Home Pro Shop & Café.
  • Swimmers must dry off and wear shirt and shoes before exiting the locker rooms.