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The Winslow Nichols Leadership Award

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To recognize a student with this honor, please submit student nominations by reviewing the criteria below and following the nomination button to fill out our online form.

Nomination Criteria:

  • High school student in Flathead, Lake, Lincoln, Glacier, Pondera, Liberty or Toole County
  • Academics: Students who value their education by exhibiting academic responsibility; preferably have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Character:  Students who display integrity, compassion, service, excellence
  • Citizenship: Students who nurture healthy communities through community service, volunteerism or other contributions to their community and/or school
  • Leadership: Students who take initiative and are role models for others

To honor exemplary students

In communities across Montana, there are students who are not only high achievers, but are also making an impact in their communities. Maybe this exemplary student is a club president, volunteers at the local food bank, or organizes fund-raisers for those in need. We seek to honor and recognize the lives of high-achieving high school students who — through school activities, volunteer work, community service, or other initiatives — nurture healthier communities.

Over the course of the school year, in cooperation with local newspapers (Daily Inter Lake, Hungry Horse News, Whitefish Pilot, and Lake County Leader), we plan to recognize these top students and share their inspiring stories, via a quarterly series called The Winslow Nichols Leadership Award. The Winslow Nichols Leadership Award will profile a local high school student every quarter with a feature story about his/her achievements and his/her contributions to improving the health, comfort and lives of their fellow students and their community. Our students are our future. By recognizing students who make a difference, others may be encouraged to do the same.

Nominations will be evaluated quarterly by a selection committee. Each quarter, the selected student will be interviewed and photographed by a newspaper reporter, and the profile will be published in the local newspaper as well as on social media channels.

About Winslow Nichols

Winslow Nichols was one of our first winners of the award, previously called the Today’s Achievers, Tomorrow’s Leaders Award, winning the award in February 2020 as a junior at Columbia Falls High School. Tragically, Winslow passed away in June of 2022. Winslow personified the spirit of the award with his strong academic prowess and work ethic, his mentorship to his peers and his involvement in his community. The award was renamed to honor his memory at the start of the 2022 school year.


Class of 2023 - 2024
  • Hailey Hendrickson (Flathead High School)
  • Isabel Seeley (Polson High School)
  • Addisyn Bengtson (Cut Bank High School)
  • Tanner IronPipe (Browning High School)
  • Maddie Davis (Glacier High School)
  • Koda King (Ronan High School)
  • Kai McDonald (Polson High School)
  • Chloe Anderson (Flathead High School)
Class of 2022 - 2023
  • Selah Conklin (Glacier High School)
  • Aspen McKee (Polson High School)
  • Veyda Anderson (Flathead High School)
  • Leina Ulutoa (Ronan High School)
  • Katelyn Suta (Cut Bank High School)
  • Ivy Gannon (Flathead High School)
  • Tala Eneboe (Conrad High School)
  • Natalie Helser (St. Ignatius High School)
  • Nicole Nau (North Toole County High School)
  • Charlotte Perkins (Whitefish High School)
  • Piper Hoxie (Polson High School)
Class of 2021 - 2022
  • Nya Schara (Bigfork High School)
  • Aaliyah Decker (Ronan High School)
  • Marley Miller (Flathead High School)
  • Brookelyn Slonaker (Polson High School)
  • Jillian Wynne (Flathead High School)
  • Xavier Fisher (Polson High School)
  • Julia Martin (Columbia Falls High School)
  • Liz Tolley (Polson High School)
  • Jaden Millender (Cut Bank High School)
  • Aidan Torgerson (Shelby High School)
Class of 2020 - 2021
  • Grace Anderson (Stillwater Christian School)
  • Megan Rost (Polson High School)
  • Paityn Reece (Flathead High School)
  • Berkeley Ellis (Polson High School)
  • Alyssa Cadwalader (Flathead High School)
  • Madeline McCrea (Ronan High School)
  • Henry Smith (Glacier High School)
  • Brynn Pule (St. Ignatius High School)
Class of 2019 - 2020
  • Chloe Nadeau (Flathead High School)
  • Davis Smith (Polson High School)
  • Elaina Keast (St. Ignatius High School)
  • Drew Engellant (Glacier High School)
  • Tessa Harmon (Stillwater Christian School)
  • Winslow Nichols (Columbia Falls High School)
  • Peyton Lammerding (Arlee High School)
  • Alishon Kelly (Two Eagle River School)
  • Caleb Fetveit (Stillwater Christian School)
  • Emily Hove (Flathead High School)
  • Josie Windauer (Columbia Falls High School)
  • James Normandeau (Ronan High School)
  • Spencer Henning (Polson High School)
  • Kinsey Brookman (Mission Valley Christian School)