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Learn about everything we offer to help you reach your wellness goals. We offer general wellness services for your individualized needs.

Falls Prevention

  • Have you fallen in the past year?
  • Do you feel unsteady when standing or walking?
  • Do you worry about falling?
  • Would you benefit from a balance and strength training program?

Falls are the leading cause of injury, death, and loss of independence in older adults. Good News, Falls are not an inevitable part of aging!  Logan Health Medical Fitness Center offers several evidence-base programs in preventing falls and increasing quality of life.

Contact Michele Maher in the Journey to Wellness program (406) 751-4106 for more information.

As a member of the Logan Health Fitness Center, we offer several evidence-based classes that focus on lower and upper body strength and flexibility, posture, body mechanics, breathing and rehabilitation.  Try one of the classes listed below today. Class days/times are listed on the Group Fitness Schedule.

J-Walking |Tai Chi |Zumba | Flex & Balance |HydroFit |S.A.I.L |S.E.L.F

Forest Walks

Enjoy trails on our nearby public lands with these beginner level group excursions. These easy, guided hikes are the perfect opportunity for those who want to walk in nature, but don’t feel confident about doing it alone. 

These excursions are free, but space is limited. For more details and to register, please call (406) 751-7189. You may be required to attend a J-Walking class with Jude before your first walk.

Nutrition Services

Our nutrition programs offer current science-based nutrition assessments, education and counseling for all types of people. Our registered dietitians teach flexible, healthy eating for the mind and body that is effective, interactive, practical and fun.

With all of the nutritional information available in the world today, it can be a challenge to determine what information is valid and reliable versus other recommendations that may have profoundly negative health effects. A registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) is a nutrition expert that incorporates counseling, based on scientific, dependable evidence, to assist clients on a path towards improved health and wellness. Nutrition counseling can be used in the prevention or progression of various chronic diseases; improve athletic performance during various sports, events, and activities; and to identify nutrition factors that may be affecting overall well-being. An RDN has the information, implements the expertise, and provides the support needed to make sustainable, healthful changes that can last a lifetime.

 Schedule an appointment by calling Mike Tryon at (406) 751-4131

Initial visit (60 minutes): Members: $60 / Non-members: $70

Follow-up visit (30-minutes): Members: $38 / Non-members: $45

Nutrition Package: Member $165 / Non-Member $195
Four sessions: One initial 60 minute session and three 30 minute follow-up sessions.

Three to Thrive Package – Jump on the path to healthy living and learn to Thrive at Logan Health Medical Fitness Center. Sample one session each from three programs and start your wellness, nutrition and fitness off right. Includes one each wellness coaching, nutrition coaching and personal training session.

Please Note – Any person whom has a dietitian referral from a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant for medical nutrition therapy should contact Logan Health Outpatient Nutrition Services (406-751-5454) prior to utilizing the nutrition services at the Logan Health Medical Fitness Center. For diabetes-specific care, please contact the Diabetes Education and Prevention Center (406-751-5454). Currently, Logan Health Medical Fitness Center is unable to bill insurance for RDN services and costs must be paid out of pocket.

Nicotine Free Living

Nicotin Free Living

No Cost Support Group

Drop-in! Sign-up not needed.
Located at the Logan Health Medical Fitness Center. Check-in and meet at the front desk.


Wednesdays, 5:45 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.
Fridays, 1 p.m. – 2 p.m.

Call or email us today to learn more: dharding@logan.org or (406) 751-7675.

Other Resources

Work Comp-Based Clinical Services

The Work Comp Clinical Program benefits individuals with diagnosed chronic conditions, orthopedic or other medical problems resulting from a work comp claim. Participants may have recently completed medical treatment but require additional supervision.

How the Program Works:

After receiving a physician’s referral, the clinical staff meets with the participant to establish goals and develop an exercise program. Participants may choose to exercise independently, or attend a supervised exercise class. A monthly meeting with a member of the clinical staff for program evaluation is required. Any additional follow-up training sessions are scheduled according to each client’s individual needs. Accountability to program requirements is mandatory. We provide all necessary correspondence with insurance carriers and case management services.

Program Highlights:

• A consultation and monthly follow-up sessions with a clinical staff member
• Weekly supervised exercise class option
• Progress reports sent to physician and/or insurance
• Wellness lecture series:
     – Nutritional
     – Prevention
     – Exercise
     – Stress management
• Unlimited facility access (excluding tennis)
• Classes are included at no charge or at member rates

• Pain reduction
• Improved health / fitness
• Return to work
• Increased muscle strength, endurance and range of motion
• Increased quality of life
• Graduate to an independent exercise program

Program Length: The program typically lasts 3 – 6 months. The case manager or physician may authorize an extension of the program.

$125 / month. Initial 3 month start with Journey to Wellness Clinical program. Upon completion of the program, participants will receive an initiation fee waiver to join Logan Health Medical Fitness Center as a regular member.

For more information about The Work Comp Clinical Program contact:

Michele Maher, Clinical Services Coordinator
Phone: (406) 751-4106
E-mail: mmaher@logan.org
Fax: (406) 751-4121

Logan Health Employee Wellness Benefits

Our Logan Health well-being program aims to improve life-work balance.  Our program incorporates all facets of a healthy lifestyle including physical health, mental health and stress management.  It not only focuses on chronic health conditions, but can act as preventive care and reinforce healthy behavior and habits. 

All Logan Health employees are eligible for:

  • Three FREE wellness coaching sessions annually
  • Quarterly wellness challenges
  • Monthly wellness presentations
  • Our Journey to Wellness program
  • Discounted memberships to Logan Health Fitness Center.

Click here for more information:  Logan Health Employee Wellness Benefits

Corporate Wellness

What is a corporate wellness program?
A corporate wellness program aims to improve work-life balance.  Workplace wellness programs help to minimize stress, reduce absenteeism, increase performance and productivity and cultivate engagement.  Workplace well-being programs incorporate all facets of a healthy lifestyle including mental health.  Having preventative measures in place not only focuses on employees that have chronic health conditions, but can act as preventive care and reinforce healthy behavior and habits. 

Benefits of having a corporate wellness program:

  • Health care cost reduction
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Enhanced employee morale
  • Incentive for recruitment and retention
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Reduces elevated health risks
  • Encourages healthy behaviors 

What size company benefits from corporate wellness programs?
Small and large businesses benefit from employee wellness.  Our services are strategic and flexible to cover the full needs of your organization with options that align with your budget, including:

  • Personalized health coaching with National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches
  • Team and Individual Challenges
  • Biometrics Screenings
  • Customized newsletters
  • Wellness presentations
  • Tracking and reporting for measuring success 

Our corporate wellness program will improve the lives of your employees and help drive the success of your organization.  For more information contact Mike Tryon at (406) 751-4131 or email mtryon@logan.org.

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