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The mission of Logan Health is to improve health, comfort and life. In furtherance of this mission, its affiliated hospitals Logan Health Financial Assistance and their employed physicians and other health care service providers, provide financial assistance to patients who qualify for assistance.

Eligibility Requirements

All patients are eligible to apply for financial assistance, including those with insurance and health benefits plan coverage. Established guidelines are used to determine what amount of a patient’s bill for emergency care and medically necessary care, if any, will qualify for financial assistance. The financial assistance discount applies only to the amount the patient is personally responsible for paying.

The amount of financial assistance is a discount percentage determined on a sliding scale based solely on income and family size. Families with an income at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG) will receive a 100 percent discount. Patients with family incomes ranging from greater than 200 percent up to 400 percent of FPG are eligible for a sliding scale discount up to 100 percent based on the number of household members.

If a patient’s financial circumstances do not satisfy the criteria for assistance under the policy discount guidelines, a patient may still be able to obtain financial assistance. In these situations, Logan Health patient account representatives will review the patient’s situation and make a determination on the patient’s eligibility for other financial assistance. This may include seeking Medicaid coverage, for example.

A patient may apply for financial assistance at any time up to 240 days after the first bill is sent for an episode of care. Even if no application is filed, Logan Health may be able to determine if a patient is eligible for a certain level of assistance. Each patient’s situation will be evaluated according to that patient’s relevant circumstances, such as family income, and other resources available to the patient or patient’s family, and the amount the patient is personally responsible to pay.

How to Apply

Free copies of the Financial Assistance Policy and the Financial Assistance Application can be obtained through any of these sources:

In Person
At a check-in desk in the hospital or a Logan Health provider’s clinic

Over the Phone
(406) 752-1767

By Mail
Logan Health Financial Assistance
Attn: Financial Advisors
310 Sunnyview Lane
Kalispell, MT 59901

There is no assurance a patient will qualify for financial assistance or a certain level of assistance. Logan Health Financial Assistance will not take certain collection efforts (called extraordinary collection efforts) before Logan Health has made reasonable efforts to determine if a patient is eligible for financial assistance.

Charges for Emergency or Medically Necessary Care

A patient who qualifies for financial assistance will always pay less than amounts generally billed to patients having insurance, health plan coverage, or Medicare for emergency care or other medically necessary care. This will also be less than the gross charges for the services before any adjustments are made for deductions, contractual agreements or discounts.

Financial Assistance Program Documents

Logan Health Financial Assistance Program is meant to be a resource for you and your family. We are here to help you find financial solutions that could help cover your cost of care. These documents include:

Financial Assistance Policy
Our full financial assistance policy explains in detail who qualifies for assistance, how assistance is determined and where you can go for assistance.

Financial Assistance Policy Summary
This document summarizes our policy and can help you better understand how the policy works.

Financial Assistance Adjusted Income Schedule
In order to determine your probable eligibility for assistance, you will need to identify the correct block by family size in the form below. Then within that block, find the line item that includes your total household income. The likely percentage discount that you will be eligible for is in the discount column.

Example 1: Mr. and Mrs. Smith are retired and have a total household income of $45,000/year. When you look under “Family Size – 2,” you’ll find that $45,000 is eligible for an 85 percent discount.

Example 2: Chuck Jones and Amanda Smith are raising three children. When they file their income tax return, the total number of dependents is five. Their combined household income is $45,000/year. As you will see on the chart, under “Family Size – 5,” this household is eligible for a 100 percent discount.