Logan Health

Return to Performance

The Return to Performance program helps train the entire body to be ready to return to sports following injury.  The program is directed by, when applicable, your surgeon, managed by a physical therapist, and overseen daily by certified strength and conditioning coaches with experience in all stages of the rehab process. 

Who can be assessed by one of our coaches for beginning the Return to Performance program? 

  • 5th grade – 12th grade 

Cleared to return to sport, but lacking strength/confidence? Need additional training to supplement physical therapy? 

  • Address movement inefficiencies and muscular imbalances to reduce the risk of future injury 
  • Train the entire body to be ready for your return to sport with special care taken to develop and protect your recovering body part. 
  • We will work with and regularly communicate with your PT and, when applicable, Surgeon to ensure you complete your recovery quickly and effectively 

Want to train the non-injured parts of your body so that you are maximizing recovery? Want to come back stronger than you left? 

Contact one of our coaches to get started!