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Logan Health Assisted Living Chester (formerly Wheat Country Estate), is a modern 18-bed facility where care services are provided 24 hours a day in accordance with the individual needs of the residents. Assistance with personal care includes supervision in self-medication and similar routine activities of daily living.

Three nutritious meals are served daily in our family dining room, plus snacks are available between meals. Housekeeping, laundry and maintenance services are also provided. Activities are organized by the facility staff and are planned to meet the interests of the residents. Specific health and financial criteria must be met for residency.

Our Residents

People come to live with us for different reasons. The most common reasons is that they are now alone, having lost their spouse, and are tired of living alone. Some are not eating very well and feel lonely. Most are realizing that they are no longer able to take care of their ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) without help and they don’t want to burden their families with these details.

Medication management is one big reason that folks like living here. Our residents are given their medications (set up by a licensed nurse) by our qualified staff at the proper times, as ordered by their medical provider. They never have to worry about getting their medications on time, ordering refills or running out of their medications.

Most of our residents require some help with bathing (getting in and out of the bathtub or shower safely) and dressing, such as putting on their socks and shoes. Nearly all of our residents no longer want the responsibility of preparing a balanced meal, not to mention shopping for groceries and cleaning up the kitchen afterward. We also provide residents with laundry and housekeeping services. When living here, you never have to clean your room, do yard work, mow the lawn, or shovel snow!

Patient Testimonials

Here is a small sampling of comments from our current residents:

  • Doris  “I am very grateful for this facility; it has all the plusses.”
  • Agnes  “It’s certainly a great place to be in, especially when you’re alone like me living in the country.”
  • Mary  “It’s nice and clean, the atmosphere is friendly, and it’s well-equipped to take care of the needs of us semi-helpless people.”
  • Millie  “I like the activities such as bingo, puzzles, music, and cards, the food is good and the workers are all good to have here; very helpful.”
  • Edna  “This is a good place to be when you need it. The food, the helpers, the atmosphere are wonderful and there is no reason to be bored.”
  • Alma  “It’s a good place to live-we get great individual attention and wonderful care. The staff is friendly and attentive.”
  • Carrie  “I like living here because it’s like living at home except I miss my cooking. We have everything we could need especially with the door to door bus service.”
  • Wanda  “It is very handy living here-everythins is done for us. I really like it here-there is no better place to be!”


Chester Assisted Living

Activities are available and geared to the interests of the residents. Many enjoy card or board games, bunko, crafts, movies, Bingo or brain games. In the summer we enjoy gardening and caring for beautiful flowers and excursions in the golf cart.

Restorative Program

Organized activities take place seven days a week including a Restorative Exercise Program and Mind Games.  These all help to  maintain and promote physical and mental function.  Visitors are always welcome and encouraged to participate in the life of their special person.

Dining Services

Chester Assisted Living

When it comes to feeling at home, there is no time like meal time. It is pleasant to enjoy good food with your friends and neighbors. When it’s time to eat, we want it  to be special. Your food will be fresh, homemade and tasty. We will match the menus to the favorite meals of the community and keep you coming back for more. Three times each day we will set the dining room table for you! Between meals and before bedtime you are welcome to healthy snacks and beverages from the kitchen.

Weekly Sample Menu

Weekly Sample Menu

Contact Us

Logan Health Assisted Living – Chester
111 6th Street West
PO Box 400
Chester, MT 59522
Phone: (406) 759-5787