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At Logan Health Breast Center, you are the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to breast health. Beginning with education, self-exams and annual screenings, you are the key to early detection of breast cancer. Take it seriously. We do.

Our 2,750-square-foot center offers services equivalent to those found in the largest urban medical centers, including telemedicine capabilities (for out-of-area specialist consultation) and patient education.

Logan Health Breast Center was made possible by a $1 million gift from Harold and Annette Simmons in honor of their friend, Paul Bass. The Breast Center provides the women of Montana with comprehensive care for malignant and premalignant conditions of the breast.

Our Services

Specialists in Breast Health

  • Fellowship-trained breast surgeon and fellowship-trained breast imaging specialist
  • Advanced practice nurse specializing in breast cancer risk management
  • Board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons along with medical and radiation oncologists

Looking Great After Cancer Surgery

  • A wide array of reconstructive options including breast reconstruction at the same time as mastectomy with our partners.
  • Oncoplastic surgical technique (attention to cosmetic appearance while still removing cancer)
  • Hologic 3D mammography™, breast ultrasound and MRI
  • Stereotactic, sonographic and MRI guided biopsy
  • Sentinel lymph node biopsy

Treatment Options for Any Stage of Breast Cancer

  • Multiple chemotherapy, endocrine and biologic options 
  • Surgical removal of metastasis (cancer that has spread to other organs)
  • Palliative (comfort) care

Support Every Step of the Way 

  • Certified nurse navigator for breast care to coordinate appointments, educate, and streamline the diagnosis and treatment process
  • Genetic Counseling
  • Housing assistance
  • Cancer Support services

Care Conferences

  • Weekly care conferences among all members of the cancer team to evaluate patient treatment plans

Cancer Research

Patient Resources

The Logan Health Breast Center offers several resources for breast cancer patients:

  • Breast Nurse Navigator to guide women on their journey while providing support and answering questions during a very difficult and unsure time.
  • Logan Health Cancer Support & Survivorship provides a full range of support services for youth and adults affected by cancer. Activities are completely free of charge and intended to help heal and strengthen those impacted by cancer. Anyone diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones is welcome to attend our active programs.
  • Glacier Bosom Buddies, a group of mentors composed of breast cancer survivors and family members in Northwest Montana who provide a special perspective to patients and families just beginning and continuing through the breast cancer journey.
  • Save-A-SisterTM, a non-profit organization that helps provide access to mammograms and supports post-operative durable goods that often are not paid for by insurance.
Breast Surgery – Patient Care Instructions
Cancer care does not end when active treatment has finished or when surgery is complete. Your care team at Logan Health Breast Center will continue to check to monitor your healing, manage any side effects, and keep an eye on your overall health. This is called follow-up care. This follow-up care may include physical examinations, medical tests, or both. We want to keep track of your recovery in the months and years ahead.

Below you’ll find more information about breast surgery post-operative care. Click on the small icon to open or download a Word doc you can print at home or save to your device.

This includes suggestions for managing pain, when to contact your health care provider or resuming activities.

DRAIN CARE – click here to view document, print or download
This information includes tips and advice to avoid fluid build-up under the skin which affects the ability for your incision to heal. Hygiene and other infection control information is also included.

EXERCISES AFTER BREAST SURGERY –  click here to view document, print or download
This document includes some specific exercises for post-op breast surgery patients. Be sure to initiate an active exercise program only when cleared to do so by your physician!

LYMPHEDEMA – click here to view document, print or download
Lymphedema is abnormal swelling that can develop in the arm, hand, breast, or torso as a side effect of breast cancer surgery and/or radiation therapy. Learn more about this condition so you can be aware of signs and symptoms should they occur.

Your care is not only the physical part. The mental, social and emotional impacts can also require attention. We encourage you to check out our Cancer Support & Survivorship services. This program provides free activities that complement traditional medical care for cancer. These include support groups, nutrition, exercise, education and more. Family and friends are welcome to participate in most gatherings.

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Logan Health Breast Center
310 Sunnyview Lane, Suite 183
Kalispell, MT 59901
Phone: (406) 751-6488
Fax: (406) 758-3157

Hours: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.