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Montana Endowment Tax Credit

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Special Opportunity for Montana Taxpayers

You have an opportunity to invest in the future of Logan Health and our community while receiving significant tax savings through a Federal deduction and a Montana state tax credit. For instance, a 50-year-old donor making a $10,000 gift could receive a $4,929 Federal tax deduction and a Montana tax credit of $3,286.

The deduction and the size of the Montana tax credit are dependent on the size of the gift and the age of the donor. The maximum Montana tax credit available is $10,000 per individual and can’t be carried forward.

Gifts must be made to any endowed fund managed by the Logan Health Foundation or the donor may use their gift as an opportunity to establish a new endowment.

For more information contact Michael Barth, Logan Health Foundation Director of Operations, at mbarth@logan.org or at 406-858-6881. More information about the credit and the form needed to claim the credit are available on the State of Montana’s website.

Montana Endowment Tax Credit

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