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Sage VanterpoolThis month, Sage Vanterpool, a phlebotomist at Logan Health – Whitefish, will have the prestigious honor of serving as a Sorini Intern with Logan Health Neuroscience & Spine. The Peter M. Sorini MD Endowment Summer Internship Program is open to college students who are interested in a career in the clinical neurosciences. This program is funded through the Logan Health Foundation and provides interns the opportunity to rotate in the neurology, neurosurgery and physical medicine & rehabilitation departments for four to six weeks during their summer break.

Sage is a senior at Corban University in Salem, Oregon, majoring in biomedical science with concentrations in chemistry and psychology/counseling. “I would love to be a physician,” she said. “Neuroscience is something that I’m fascinated by, and I’ve gotten a chance to get into it a little bit in college, but I’m excited for the opportunity to see more of it.” The program allows interns to see the day-to-day work of providers in the neurosciences firsthand, with opportunities to observe surgeries, participate in case studies and work on research projects directly with the neuro team.

As a phlebotomist at Logan Health – Whitefish’s outpatient clinic, Sage has already had a chance to see the world of health care up close. “I thought it’d be a great place to start and work with patients and get a feel for working in health care,” said Sage. “I’ve loved it so far. I would recommend it to anybody who is hoping to get into the industry. Being a phlebotomist, you get to see all the different parts of the hospital from the lab, to the OB, to the inpatient units and everywhere in between. Getting to see all that beforehand will help you figure out what you enjoy and will guide your path.”

Growing up in Whitefish, Sage has taken advantage of several shadowing opportunities with clinicians within the organization. She has had an interest in surgery since she was 15 years old, and when the chance to observe one came up, she jumped at the opportunity. Today, her eagerness to learn continues, as she continues to shadow clinicians at Logan Health – Whitefish on her days off from her phlebotomy role.Sage Vanterpool in Honduras

Sage’s career goal is to serve a greater purpose through missionary work. She has already participated in two mission trips to Honduras and aims to use a medical degree to further the mission efforts. Through FAME, a global leader in evangelism through health care, Sage and her team have worked to expand access to health care in rural Honduran villages that would otherwise lack medical services. In Honduras, health care is quite limited, with only a few hospitals serving the over 1.2 million residents of Tegucigalpa, the capital city. Outside the capital in the rural villages, treatment opportunities are even more scarce. The efforts of FAME, along with the Honduras-specific mission group His Eyes, have significantly improved access to health care and expanded health opportunities for many patients in these rural areas.

Following Sage’s internship with Logan Health Neuroscience & Spine, she will return to Oregon where she plans to graduate this winter. From there, she will begin the medical school process.