20:42 PM

KRH expands telehealth services, offers virtual clinic visits

Kalispell Regional Healthcare (KRH) has expanded its telehealth services in an effort to continue the positive impact of social distancing while providing quality patient care. KRH’s primary care and specialty care clinics are now offering patients virtual visits, as well as continuing in-person appointments depending upon the patient’s symptoms and condition. 

Telehealth, also called telemedicine, is a term indicating a clinician and a patient are meeting via a live video connection. 

“If you do not need to be in the hospital or in the medical clinics, using telehealth as virtual triage from your home helps keep our healthcare workers and our community safe,” explains Nichole Perisho, Virtual Health Manager at KRH. “We need to take action against this pandemic by staying home. KRH’s expanded access to telehealth services can help us do that. Most of our providers have historically offered virtual visits to help our patients in rural communities; but, now, all of our physicians are working on transitioning to telehealth. If you have a smartphone or a webcam and internet access, you have the resources to see your provider from the comfort of your home via a virtual appointment.”

If you are not critically ill or in need of emergency help, call your primary care clinic or specialty care clinic, and say you’d like to be seen via telehealth. If you are having trouble breathing or experiencing severe symptoms, please go to the ER or visit one of KRH’s Respiratory Screening Facilities in Kalispell, Eureka or Whitefish. 

KRH also participates in a national telehealth network through KRHCareAnywhere.org, which provides 24-hour urgent care online. Currently, this service is being provided free of charge to address the pandemic public health emergency and will only apply to specific symptoms. If wait times are too long, call your KRH provider or our 24-hour call center at (406-890-7272 for adults; 406-890-7273 for children) to have your symptoms evaluated by a healthcare professional.

Do NOT use telehealth if you are: 

Call your provider or go to their clinic webpage to view their adjusted services/hours and telehealth capabilities. Learn more about KRH’s telehealth resources and up-to-date COVID-19 information at www.krh.org/COVID-19.