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Here at Logan Health, we believe your family deserves the highest level of care, even if your child’s Primary Care Provider’s office is closed. Our providers have partnered with Montana Pediatrics to ensure a pediatric-specific provider can not only address your concerns but also see and treat your child with a virtual visit from the comfort of your own home.

With no question or concern too big or too small the highest-quality pediatric after-hours care is now available to you every evening, weekend, and holiday.

How it Works

When your child is sick and needs care, you have more options than a phone call, internet search, or trip to the emergency room because primary care provider offices are closed. With a telemedicine visit, a Montana-based pediatric-specific provider can see, hear, speak with, and assess your child and help everyone feel better, just like they would with an in-person visit. To get started:

  • Visit MontanaPediatrics.org and click on the Log-In or Sign-Up Now button.
  • Complete the on-screen instructions to either create a new account or log into an existing account.
  • Once you have an account and have created your child’s short profile, click Request A Visit next to their name.

Follow the on-screen instructions to be connected with a provider shortly.
We also believe in clear lines of communication and continuity of care between your child’s primary care provider and any after-hours care your child receives. The team at Montana Pediatrics will ensure your child’s PCP receives the necessary notes from your after-hours visit and can help facilitate any follow-up needs with your normal provider.


Why a telemedicine visit? I’m used to having a phone call with a provider after hours. 

Your kiddos deserve the highest quality of care at all times, and that includes when their PCP’s office is closed. Telemedicine visits with Montana Pediatrics are video-based, which means the provider can actually see, listen to, and speak to your child if they’re old enough, which enables better-quality care in ways that are just not possible with a phone call.

What ages of kids can be seen?

Montana Pediatrics can see anyone from age 0 until their 22nd birthday for an after-hours visit.

What kind of care is this for? I’m not sure if my child’s symptoms are applicable for telemedicine…

As one of the only pediatric-specific after-hours and urgent care programs in the state, we think you’ll be surprised by how many things can be treated from home with a telemedicine visit! Common concerns that are seen often include upper respiratory infections, colds, sore throats, fevers, rashes, stomach issues, cuts, sprains, falls, bug bites, pink eye, ear infections, infant fussiness and so much more.

How much does it cost?

You should never have to worry about costs when it comes to seeking care for your child. Montana Pediatrics accepts private insurance, Medicaid, and has a robust financial assistance program that is easy to use.

If you have insurance:

  • Montana Pediatrics strives to take all insurance plans in the state of Montana. The cost you will pay out of pocket if you have insurance depends on your insurance plan — which will be billed the same amount you would pay for an uncomplicated office visit. Insurance will be billed first and then if you add a credit card to your Montana Pediatrics account it will be charged, or if opt not to include a credit card you will receive a bill in the mail for the balance due.

If you have Medicaid:

  • Families with Medicaid are not asked to enter a credit card and Montana Pediatrics will contact you later if there is a small out-of-pocket charge.

If you do not have insurance:

  • We can help! Montana Pediatrics has a robust Financial Assistance Program that can reduce or eliminate your bill and, if you’re interested, can help you with navigating and obtaining health insurance.

Who are the providers?

Many Logan Health pediatric providers participate in providing after-hours care through Montana Pediatrics, which means you might even see your child’s own PCP! You can see a list of the Montana Pediatrics participating providers here.

What if I don’t have access to a device with a camera and/or microphone but my child needs care?

We recognize not everyone has access to technology and that internet access can still be limited in places, making the video component of a visit challenging. If this is the case, you should still create an account and/or log in to Montana Pediatrics (www.montanapediatrics.org) and follow the steps listed above to request a visit. Following this process will alert the provider on call that you are seeking care. By following the on-screen instructions, you will then be connected to the support team, who will help you reach the on-call provider via a phone call.For more Montana Pediatrics FAQs, click here.