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Logan Health is proud to announce the recipients of the Logan Health Foundation’s Healthier Futures Scholarship, awarded to deserving students in the communities that Logan Health serves. This scholarship program aims to support and empower the next generation of healthcare professionals, fostering a healthier future for our communities and encouraging continued access to higher education opportunities for Montanans.

The Healthier Futures Scholarship recognizes outstanding high school seniors who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to pursuing a career in healthcare. By providing financial assistance and mentorship opportunities, Logan Health aims to inspire and enable these students to achieve their educational goals.

“We understand that higher educational opportunities can be costly, and we are dedicated to supporting Montana students in following their dreams and pursuing careers in healthcare,” said Joe McClafferty, Logan Health Foundation president. “We are incredibly grateful to our community donors and Logan Health employees who contribute to the Healthier Futures Scholarship fund. Their generosity makes it possible for us to invest in the future of health care and empower the next generation of professionals in our region.”

Logan Health Foundation received an overwhelming number of applications from talented and passionate students across our service areas. This year, the Healthier Futures Scholarship was awarded to 19 deserving students. After careful consideration, the scholarship committee identified and selected the following individuals:

  • Kate Ford (Glacier High School)
  • Rylee Glimm (Glacier High School)
  • Ella Halliburton (Glacier High School)
  • Hailey Hendrickson (Flathead High School)
  • Maeve Ingelfinger (Whitefish High School)
  • Carter Lapke (Glacier High School)
  • Lucy Matulionis (Whitefish High School)
  • Aria Miller (Chester-Joplin-Inverness High School)
  • Nicole Nau (Sunburst High School)
  • Kailie Owens (Glacier High School)
  • Olivia Ponti (Whitefish High School)
  • Mia Stephan (Flathead High School)
  • Tommy Running Rabbit (Browning High School)
  • Braelyn Running Fisher (Cut Bank High School)
  • Tayleigh Upham (Browning High School)
  • Lily Wickum (Chester-Joplin-Inverness High School)
  • Jaden Williams (Flathead High School)
  • Madison Young (Whitefish High School)
  • Lauren Yttredahl (Cut Bank High School)

Each recipient has demonstrated a commitment to academic excellence, community service, personal growth, and a pursuit of health-related professions. These exceptional individuals have shown the potential to become future leaders in the field, and Logan Health Foundation is proud to invest in their educational journey.

The Healthier Futures Scholarship is funded by the incredible generosity and commitment of community donors and Logan Health employees.