Logan Health Virtual Care

There are many ways to be seen by a provider.  We offer a variety of methods to connect with patients, including in a hospital, a clinic, and from the comfort of your home.  Your clinical team will work with you to identify the best service to fit your needs based on the clinical needs for the visit and where you are located.

Scheduled Visit with Our Providers

Logan Health offers secure and remote appointments for current and new patients in most primary care and specialty areas. We offer a range of online services for patients and providers available on your smartphone, computer or tablet. 

How to make an appointment:
1. Find your clinic
2. Give them a call 
3. Ask to set up a virtual appointment with your provider

Patient Resources:
Virtual Health Experience Postcard
Parent Etiquette Resource

DOWNLOAD THE APP Remember Logan Health Virtual Care when you have a cough, sore throat, rash, flu symptoms or allergies. Talk with a doctor online from home, work or school, or in the middle of the night.

Our virtual health team can treat a wide range of minor symptoms and illnesses. Certain symptoms may be treatable by Logan Health On-Demand Virtual Care depending on severity. Your provider will assess your condition and, if needed, may refer you to a local clinic for diagnosis and treatment.

A note about prescriptions: Antibiotics may be prescribed when deemed appropriate. Providers do not prescribe controlled substances.
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Acute Telehealth Services

Telemedicine allows for consultation on difficult cases to help manage emergencies such as stroke and newborn care. Instant, real-time, two-way video connection between remote rural hospitals, patients, their families and medical specialists is facilitated through the use of telemedicine carts. The specialist remotely operating the cart is able to assess the patient, view images, talk with the family, and guide the physician and care team. Our key acute tele services include telestroke, telepediatrics, and teleneonatal across the northwest region of Montana.