Birthing Services

We know that pregnancy, childbirth and parenting are some of the most intense, exciting and personal experiences of your lifetime. Our birthing staff is dedicated to making every step of the birth process a memorable and positive one for you and your family.

About Our Birthing Services

Because bringing a new life into the world is so special, you should have confidence in the hospital and staff who provide care when your baby is born. At Logan Health, we are determined to give you and your baby comfort and security as you begin your new life together. Our maternity program caters not only to you but to your family as well. We work to ensure that you have the comforts of home and the security knowing you and your baby will have every health care advantage. We provide expert resources, support and education throughout your pregnancy journey:
  • Childbirth and Parenting Classes
  • High-Risk Pregnancy Specialists
  • Logan Health Midwives
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Lactation Services and Education
  • Mother/Baby Postpartum Support Clinic

At the Logan Health's birthing centers, we offer many amenities to help make your birthing experience unforgettable:
  • Comfortable, spacious maternity suites.
  • Jacuzzi tubs in every birthing room for relaxation during labor.
  • A family-centered approach, welcoming family members to share in the birth process.
  • A relaxing environment for walking, which is encouraged to help promote labor, relieve pain and provide distraction.
  • Centralized fetal monitoring so staff and physicians can monitor your baby even when they are not in the room.
  • Telemetry monitoring to provide monitoring if necessary while walking or in the Jacuzzi tub.
  • Queen size adjustable Tempur-Pedic postpartum beds.
  • A spacious waiting room and play room providing a restful environment for families.
  • A supportive environment welcoming doulas and midwives
  • Medical professionals who support women who wish to have a vaginal birth after cesarean.
  • Professional photography for all newborn babies born. 

Mother/Baby Support Clinic

Logan Health Medical Center offers every family the opportunity for a follow-up mother/baby visit with an experienced registered nurse. The nurse will discuss infant feeding, weight gain and jaundice along with the physical and emotional well-being of mom.

Visits to the clinic bridge the gap between going home and seeing your care provider or pediatrician in their office. This appointment will be scheduled with you prior to your discharge from the hospital. The clinic also is available for weight check, jaundice evaluation, breastfeeding support or to get answers to any questions you may have about your new baby.

Call us at (406) 751-6667 to schedule your appointment.

Birthing Services