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Our Community Impact

Fiscal Year 2023
By offering high-quality health care, responding to community needs, and concentrating resources in areas that truly make a difference, Logan Health maintains a rich tradition of giving back to the communities we serve. Our community impact effort is a measured approach to meeting identified community health needs, particularly in vulnerable, uninsured, and underserved communities.

Logan Health demonstrates a commitment to promoting health, well-being, and a caring spirit throughout the community. These activities bring little or no payment to our hospitals but are sustained because they are valuable to our region and support our mission.


Charity Care


Subsidized Health Services


Health Professional Education


Uncompensated Cost of Care


Community Health Improvement


Community Building Activities

Total Logan Health Community Impact FY 2022


$2.4 Billion

Total economic impact of Logan Health hospitals in the communities we serve.


Number of community events Logan Health supports each year.


Number of community organizations Logan Health supports each year through donations, sponsorships, gifts-in-kind and volunteers.

$2.5 Million

Total property taxes paid.