Small Group Personal Training

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Affordable Training to Burn Body Fat & Increase Strength

Choose between 2 different options: All training approaches will entail a blend of muscular and cardiovascular development through body weight coordination movement, resistance (strength) training, high intensity interval training, with modified approaches suited for most fitness levels. 

- Partner Training (train and complete the program with a partner)
- Small Group Training ( join a group of 3 -6 people in a class type format on our Turf area)

Pre- and post- assessments along with a  21-day training program
  • Health and wellness coaching
  • Body composition analysis
  • 3-minute fitness step test
  • Cholesterol and glucose screening for $25
  • 2 days a week with a coach, 3rd day programmed as self-workout
Small Group Training
  • Member: $295 or 2 monthly payments of $147.50
  • Non-Member: $335 or 2 monthly payments of $167.50

Partner Training Member: $495 or 2 monthly payments of $247.50
Partner Training Non-member: $595 or 2 monthly payments of $247.50

Questions: Contact Phil Moore, Fitness Supervisor, call: 406.758.7493 / Email: