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Michael Edwards, MA, LCPC, LAC

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Michael Edwards, MA, LCPC, LAC, is licensed in both psychological counseling and addiction counseling. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Oberlin College and a master’s degree from the University of New Hampshire, completing internships at UNH’s Health Services, and at Portsmouth Regional Hospital in NH. He earned dual licensure as a clinician in community mental health, established a private practice in NH’s Mt. Washington Valley, and has been with Logan Health Behavioral Health – Whitefish since 2016.

Michael sees individuals for anxiety, depression, stress management, PTSD, marriage and family counseling, and individuals who do not have a substance use disorder. He also sees individuals who may have a substance use disorder, including alcohol and other drugs.

Research indicates 35-50% of individuals experiencing mental health symptoms may also be misusing alcohol and drugs, and 50-75% of individuals with an addictive disorder may be experiencing mental health symptoms. Comprehensive treatment integrates both mental health and substance abuse assessment and treatment using evidence-based protocols, including motivational interviewing (MI) and cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).




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