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North Valley Hospital

What is Planetree?

Planetree quilt The Planetree philosophy is a health care methodology that focuses on providing person-centered care in a healing environment. Originally developed by a patient in the late 1970s, Planetree emphasizes the importance of quality, compassion and partnership.  Logan Health – Whitefish became a Planetree affiliate in September 2002. Today there are over 700 organizations in  25 countries affiliated with Planetree International. 

For 30 years, Planetree has used the 10 component model of person-centered care to demystify, humanize and personalize the healthcare experience for patients, visitors and staff.  In 2018, Planetree worked those original 10 components into a new model highlighting evidence-based practices with measurable elements.  The new model emphasizes 5 Guiding Principles:
  1. Create organizational structures that promote engagement
  2. Connect values, strategies and actions.
  3. Implement practices that promote partnership.
  4. Know what matters.
  5. Use evidence to drive improvement.
Logan Health – Whitefish exemplifies the Planetree philosophy, through both methodologies.

Nurturing and Supporting Staff

Refreshment area with staff This begins with nurturing and supporting staff to respect and care for one another, which freely flows to our patients. Logan Health – Whitefish emphasizes how important it is for staff to listen to patients and their families and partner with patients to be active participants in their care.


Architectural and Interior Design

Hallway The award-winning architecture incorporates natural lighting that highlights the warm earthy colors and design supporting an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. Natural materials, healing garden areas and a fish aquarium add to the nurturing environment. Artwork in patient rooms, treatment areas and residential spaces add to the ambiance.

Nutritional and Nurturing Aspects of Food

Patient with food tray One thing is for certain, Logan Health – Whitefish does not serve typical hospital food. Patients and visitors can select from seasonal, made-from-scratch items to enjoy along with an espresso bar while viewing breathtaking views of Big Mountain and Glacier National Park. Delicious, healthy cuisine is also available to our patients and their families via Cuisine-on-Call room service. Another alternative for guests are Family Nourishment Areas located in the hallways close to patient rooms. To allow our patients to focus on healing and rejoicing rather than cooking, a complementary meal for our new parents and outpatient surgery patients is provided upon discharge.  Please note that during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, there may be some modifications to the Valley Cafe food service.

Community Health Library

NVH library The hospital’s Community Health Library offers a quiet space to relax next to the fireplace or investigate health-related topics via internet access or one of the hundreds of volumes.  An open chart policy allows patients to read their medical records. Collaborative care and a variety of educational resources provide patients and residents with information and skills to actively participate in their care as well as maximize their physical and psychological well-being.  Please note that during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, access to the Library may be limited.

Family, Friends and Social Support

Patient with dog Studies have shown that being with loved ones when you’re not well helps the healing process. That’s why Logan Health – Whitefish has an open visitation policy that offers visiting hours 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, each patient room has a window-seat daybed that may be prepared for the night so a loved one may rest in comfort. Beyond the human family, pet visitation can elevate mood, lower blood pressure and enhance social interaction.  Please note that during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, visitor restrictions may be in place.  


Fountain and glass door The stained glass door to our Meditation Room welcomes you to a quiet space for reflection and prayer. Our staff clergy makes daily rounds, Monday through Friday, while a network of local clergy accommodating most faiths are available to our patients on an on-call basis.

Healing Arts and Entertainment

Harp music Patients and visitors enjoy fine, original artwork including a rotating display by visiting artists.  In addition, patient rooms have generous windows, many of which look out onto the mountains.


Complementary Therapies and Human Touch

Human touch To help make your stay as comfortable as possible, we offer a relaxing and comforting massage free of charge to all of our inpatients. Certified pet therapy dogs and their handlers may offer friendly canine visits to you and your family. Volunteers make fresh-baked cookies and deliver them throughout the hospital. Acupuncture is available to treat headache, low back pain, migraines, osteoarthritis, postoperative pain, nausea and vomiting, chemotherapy-induced nausea and more. Most recently, aromatherapy has been added as a comfort and relaxation benefit.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, some of these services may be modified.

Healthy Communities

Walking path Working with schools, local employers, Shepherd’s Hand Free Clinic and other community partners, Logan Health – Whitefish and clinics are redefining health care to include the health and wellness of the larger community. We provide free classes and events including pre- and postnatal classes, diabetes control groups, health education presentations and more. For the enjoyment of the whole community, we built a Fit-Trail® system along our 1.3-mile walking path that encircles the campus.  Our Planetree Healing garden next to the Fit-Trail grows fresh vegetables providing nutrition and mental well-being to those tending the garden or enjoying the  food.  

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Planetree is a journey, not a destination. Our evolution in the direction of its ideals will continue for the coming years. For more information on the Planetree philosophy, go to