12:34 PM

Wacee the Warrior

Tomi Simenson, her husband, and their two boys run a family ranch in Chinook, Montana. When her eldest son, Wylie, got sick with mono she assumed that Wacee, her youngest, had also contracted the illness when he complained of shortness of breath. Much to her surprise, doctors discovered something that would shake any family.

Luckily, pediatric providers at Kalispell Regional Healthcare were able to diagnose Wacee's condition and give him the specialized treatment he needed. We are honored to know the Simenson family and grateful to them for sharing Wacee's story. 

This summer Kalispell Regional Healthcare will be opening Montana Children's, a 190,000 square foot facility dedicated to the care of our youngest patients. While the facility may be new, the providers at Montana' Children's Specialists have been offering exceptional in-state pediatric health care to the children and families of Montana for years. Learn more about the comprehensive pediatric services at krh.org/children

Watch the video below and meet Wacee, one of Montana’s toughest kiddos!

[Header photo: faithphotographybykati.com]