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Ready for winter to be over?

Spring is around the corner, and while the peak of flu season has passed in many areas, flu is still prevalent. Prevention is important, so remember to wash your hands regularly, avoid sick people and consider getting the flu shot – it’s not too late!

If you’re experiencing flu or other symptoms and need to seek care, KRH Care Anywhere providers are available 24/7 to help. Speak with a medical provider in the virtual clinic anytime, day or night, to get care for minor illnesses and injuries.


Get help for irritated eyes

Red or irritated eyes are some of the most common symptoms we see in the virtual clinic. There are many causes for eye discomfort, including allergies and pink eye (conjunctivitis). If you have these symptoms, minimize contact with others in case you are contagious, and request a virtual visit if you need to seek care. If you experience pain in your eyes, sensitivity to light or swelling around your eyes, you may need to be seen in person.

Take care of recurring health conditions

Virtual care can be a great option for uncomplicated health issues that don’t need an in-person visit to diagnose and treat. However, if you experience ongoing or recurring symptoms that cause you concern, contact your primary care provider and receive the care you need. Your primary care provider can offer treatment options and support to meet your health needs.

Find a primary care provider.

If you are experiencing an emergency, including severe chest pain or pressure, difficulty breathing, confusion, unexplained weakness, bleeding that won’t stop or any symptoms that you feel may be a medical emergency, call 911 right away or go to your nearest emergency room.