15:25 PM

Beat the bug bites, rashes and stings!

Summer is here … and so are the bugs!

Summer is great for spending time outside with friends and family. Long summer days provide plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities. But it’s also the time of year when clinics see an increase in bug bites, stings and rashes caused by contact with some plants or other irritants. Most can be treated with icepacks to reduce swelling, antihistamines to reduce allergic response and hydrocortisone 1% topical cream to reduce redness and itching.

If you’re concerned about your symptoms or home remedies aren’t working, speak with a provider and get the relief you need. Kalispell Regional Healthcare provides regular primary care clinic hours, extended urgent care hours and even 24/7 virtual care options from the team at KRH Care Anywhere. We are standing by to help you and your family when you do get sick.

And don't forget the proper planning and preparation if you are traveling internationally. Dr. Jeffrey Tjaden, MD, MPH, a board-certified infectious disease physician at Northwest Specialists, can help inform you about any travel medicine needs you may have. Learn more about the KRH travel medicine clinic to stay safe and healthy abroad.

Your friends at Kalispell Regional Healthcare wish you fun and safe summer no matter where it takes you!