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Alliance created to improve Montana’s air medical transport services

Montana is a rugged, massive and beautiful state. Those who live, work and play here often find themselves a great distance from the nearest hospital. When a medical emergency arises, time is of the essence and every moment matters and can make a difference. As a resident of our state, we feel that we deserve access to the best and highest quality of care immediately available should a need arise.

Because of the massive size of our state, air medical transport can drastically cut minutes off the time it takes to get a patient the care that they need. Additionally, patients are often able to begin receiving lifesaving care upon arrival of the highest level of clinician outside the hospital setting. Emergency air medical transport is critical to the safety and well-being of the residents of our unique and amazing state.

Over the past year, air medical transport has become a hot topic in Montana. As members of Montana’s hospital-based not-for-profit air medical programs, we believe that care of patient is always the center of our decisions.

As a result, a new alliance has formed between the hospital-based not-for-profit air medical programs within Montana – the Montana Air Medical Alliance (MAMA). The members of the newly formed alliance include Benefis Health System, Billings Clinic, Kalispell Regional Healthcare and St. Vincent Healthcare. The purpose of this new alliance is to ensure that our services are dedicated to:

  1. Improving patient care for those being served by our aircraft and ambulances
  2. Ensuring that high levels of safety are always provided to our patients
  3. Ensuring the patient always comes first and that the personal outcomes are considered at all times

MAMA is focused on providing the highest quality of air medical transport available. As a part of this focus, MAMA believes that experience and a high standard of quality patient care as provided by the air medical transport clinicians is critical. Our transport clinicians have ongoing and extensive training coupled with successful experience in the following:

  • Participating in highly complex patient care
  • Critical care patient assessment
  • Wide range of medication competencies
  • Working with patients on a ventilator
  • Procedures such as IV placement, intubation, needle thoracostomy and needle cricothyrotomy

Our collective intent is that if we work together to ensure that our patients always come first, we believe all of the patients that we touch can have better lives. Montana is too big of a state to not have the highest quality of air medical transport available. This is MAMA’s charge.

For more information, contact MAMA at (406) 237-7229.