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This November, Logan Health distributed over 600 pairs of shoes to Flathead Valley schools to support underserved youth in our communities.  This was made possible through donors that support Logan Health’s Kids on the Rise Program, an initiative committed to increasing access to resources and healthy opportunities for Montana’s youth.

Logan Health is dedicated to ensuring that every child in Montana has access to appropriate footwear for school and sports, fostering opportunities for them to engage in healthy lifestyles and participate in activities they love. Encouraging an active lifestyle from a young age sets kids on a path towards healthier futures by instilling lifelong habits that promote physical fitness, well-being, and a greater sense of self-worth.

“Shoes can take you where you want to go,” says Joe McClafferty, Logan Health Foundation President. “Kids on the Rise focuses on addressing the critical need for suitable footwear, understanding that this is a foundational element for children to thrive in various aspects of their lives. A well-fitted pair of shoes can walk you towards a path of new possibilities. We’re grateful to work with our donors and local schools and community resources to support this vision and ensure that every child can explore their potential.”

The shoes were donated to four schools in Columbia Falls and to the Heart Locker in Kalispell to serve the students at School District 5. The distribution process was a collective effort, made possible by dedication of Logan Health employees and Montana State University nursing students, who volunteered their time to organize, transport, and deliver the shoes, as well as assist the many children receiving a pair to find their perfect fit.

“Empowering our community youth is not just about providing footwear; it’s about giving them the foundation to stride confidently towards healthier lives,” explains Brittany Coburn, NP-C, Logan Health School-Based Health Center Program Director. “We’re here to support them and remind them their journey is important, and we’re committed to being here every step of the way.”

A community member’s generous donation, combined with the funds raised during Logan Health’s annual Imagine A Day virtual fundraiser made the purchase of the shoes possible. It will also help fund future camps and experiences—such as this past summer’s Hoop Dreams Basketball Camp and Day at the Ballpark with the Glacier Range Riders.

Donations and sponsorships to the programs play a crucial role in providing footwear and free opportunities to our community’s youth, allowing every child to pursue their passions with dignity.