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Committed to healthier futures for community youth, Logan Health Foundation hosted its inaugural Kids on the Rise – Hoop Dreams basketball camp, sponsored by nuWest Builders. From July 10 to 14, Hoop Dreams brought together over 200 Flathead Valley kids at Logan Health Medical Fitness Center to participate in various skill-building activities and cooperative collaboration. The week-long camp offered an inclusive environment where participants of all skill levels were welcomed and encouraged to discover their potential, and to dream big.

Throughout the camp, children were introduced to the fundamental techniques of basketball, including dribbling, shooting, passing, and defense. Coaches tailored their instructions to suit each child’s age and ability, ensuring a positive and supportive learning experience for everyone involved. Hoop Dreams also enriched the experience by hosting inspiring guest speakers, such as Isaac Fisher, dunk specialist from Arlee, MT. Fisher’s remarkable journey and accomplishments served as a motivation for the young athletes, encouraging them to reach for their own dreams both on and off the court.

“Logan Health believes in empowering our community’s youth to dream big and believe in themselves,” explains Joe McClafferty, president of Logan Health Foundation. “Dreaming is important—it moves us towards the pursuit of something greater. We are committed to providing resources, support, and opportunities that help our youth realize their full potential and live healthier lives. This camp was about more than basketball, it was about igniting a spark of confidence and encouragement within each child.”

Logan Health’s Kids on the Rise offers unique opportunities for community youth to participate in fun and inspirational free programs. Hoop Dreams, and other Kids on the Rise programs, are made possible through philanthropic support. Kids on the Rise also works towards ensuring that every child in the Flathead Valley has access to appropriate footwear, enabling them to feel comfortable and confident while participating in activities they love. Event sponsorships and donations play a crucial role in providing footwear to our community’s youth, allowing every child to pursue their passions.

“Every step we take to uplift our community’s youth is a stride towards a brighter future,” says Eric Payne, president of nuWest Builders. “As the founder of nuWest Builders and the presenting sponsor of this remarkable program, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to walk with confidence. With each pair of shoes we provide, we’re not only protecting their feet, but also nurturing their dreams, paving the way for a journey filled with hope and endless possibilities.”

Hoop Dreams was sponsored by other dedicated community partners, including First Interstate Bank, DCI Engineers, and Bias Brewing. Logan Health Foundation extends its heartfelt appreciation to all those who contributed their time, resources, and expertise to make this event a resounding success.