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‘Let’s Talk About It’ Campaign to Tackle Mental Health Stigma and Combat Montana’s Alarming Suicide Rates

Logan Health and Billings Clinic are proud to announce the launch of the “Let’s Talk About It” campaign. The primary mission of this campaign is to underscore the critical importance of recognizing and openly discussing mental health issues among friends, families, and communities. This commitment to fostering open dialogue seeks to destigmatize mental health concerns, making it the first step toward receiving the proper help and treatment.

Montana has been grappling with one of the highest suicide rates in the nation for the past four decades. Regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity, suicide has left its mark on communities across the state. However, one of the most vulnerable groups affected by this crisis is young Montanans aged 15-24. To combat this alarming trend, Logan Health has joined forces with the Montana High School Association to launch the “Let’s Talk About It” campaign.

In an effort to encourage Montanans to seek help and support when needed, the campaign has enlisted the support of prominent advocates: Tommy Mellot of Montana State Bobcats football, Dani Bartsch of Montana Lady Griz basketball and Isaac Fisher, renowned as the Arlee Dunk Master. Together, these influential figures are championing the cause to normalize asking for help. The campaign’s fundamental goal is to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness, which is often a barrier to seeking timely assistance.

Logan Health believes that our best chance at stopping suicide is to eliminate the stigma attached to mental health issues. By igniting conversations and providing resources, we can empower communities throughout the state to talk openly and honestly about mental health and suicide.

Join us in the mission to save lives and create a Montana where mental health is prioritized, and no one suffers in silence.