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Neuroscience and Spine Institute
Each year, thousands of Montana residents are affected by conditions of the brain, spine and nervous system, the severity of which often can be devastating. At the Neuroscience & Spine Institute, we use current medical and technological advances in order to improve the quality of life for patients with brain, spine and nervous system conditions. Our committed providers are dedicated to each patient's physical, mental and spiritual health.

Patient Education

Save the Brain Program

Our Save the Brain program is a nonprofit initiative co-managed by the Neuroscience & Spine Institute and The Summit Medical Fitness Center. The mission of this program is to develop and promote a cohesive and coherent concussion education, evaluation, and treatment system related to concussion care to our community. Save the Brain also offers training for those who may be involved in a patient’s concussion care, including parents, athletes, clinicians, coaches, athletic staff, educators, employers, and community members. 

Learn more about concussion education and Save the Brain.

Patient Information

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