Hospitalist Program

KRMC Hospitalist Program

What is a hospitalist?

KRMC’s hospitalist program is an innovative approach to inpatient care. Hospitalists are medical physicians who are specially trained in caring for you, the patient, while in the hospital.

KRMC hospitalists are on-site at the hospital seven days a week, 24 hours a day to provide you with ongoing and immediate care. They work as partners with your physician to ensure the highest standard of care during your hospital stay.

At KRMC our hospitalists are board certified in internal medicine or family practice. Our hospitalists specialize in managing your care to provide you with quality care and modern treatment practices throughout your hospital stay. They possess extensive expertise in care coordination and options for post-discharge care.

Additionally, hospitalists are located in the hospital, meaning they can spend more time with their patients, improving communication and care.

How will my regular doctor be informed about my care?

Our hospitalists work closely with your primary care physician while you are a patient at KRMC. They perform examinations, make diagnoses, order tests and treatments, prescribe medications, develop aftercare plans and oversee your general hospital care.

Your hospitalist communicates on a frequent basis with your physician about your care. A summary report and records will be sent to your primary care physician, who will resume providing your care once you have left the hospital. An appointment will be scheduled with your primary care physician shortly after discharge to follow up on your hospital stay and to go over any medication changes or prescription refill needs.

What if I don’t have a regular physician?

Don’t worry, while you’re a patient here at KRMC our hospitalists will take very good care of you. They and other staff members will also assist you in finding a doctor for you to see after leaving the hospital.

What will I see on my bill?

You will receive a separate bill for hospitalist services, just like you would if your primary care physician or other specialist cared for you in the hospital. If you have any questions about your bill, please contact Patient Accounting at (406) 756-4408.

How do I contact a hospitalist?

When you are in the hospital, the best way to reach your hospitalist to answer questions or discuss your care is to ask your nurse. He or she will put your hospitalist in touch with you.