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Logan Health’s recent Kids on the Rise – A Day at the Ballpark event, hosted by the Glacier Ranger Riders, proved to be an extraordinary celebration of learning, camaraderie, and baseball at Glacier Bank Park. With a remarkable turnout of 300 enthusiastic children and the dedicated support of 30 volunteers from Logan Health, Corwin Motors Kalispell and Glacier Bank, the event left a resounding impact on participants and sponsors alike.

This was a unique opportunity for Flathead Valley kids to meet Glacier Range Riders players and get a firsthand lesson in the game of baseball—inspiring the next generation of players and fans and encouraging kids to live healthy, active lives. The Glacier Range Rider players engaged the young participants with an array of skill-learning and training drills, imparting the fundamentals of pitching, catching, batting, and base-running, ensuring a well-rounded and immersive introduction to the world of baseball.

“Witnessing the sheer joy and excitement radiating from these young faces was truly heartwarming,” says the general manager of Corwin Motors, Chris Rembaugh. “At Corwin Motors, we believe in empowering the next generation of youth to live healthy lives and reach their goals. It was inspiring to see these kids thoroughly enjoying their experience and soaking in every moment of the event.”

The Kids on the Rise – Day at the Ballpark event exemplified the power of collaboration, education, and shared enthusiasm for supporting community youth.

Logan Health’s Kids on the Rise offers unique opportunities for kids to participate in fun and inspirational free programs. Through a variety of engaging activities and experiences, Kids on the Rise aims to inspire children to dream big, discover their passions, and unlock their full potential. Kids on the Rise also works towards ensuring that every child in the Flathead Valley has access to appropriate footwear, enabling them to feel comfortable and confident while participating in activities they love. Donations to the program play a crucial role in providing footwear to our community’s youth, allowing every child to pursue their passions.

Visit logan.org/kidsontherise to learn more or support our Kids on the Rise programs to enable more kids to participate in activities they love.