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Travis Schelling, PA

Travis Schelling, PA

Family Practice

Travis was born in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  She graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelors in Biology in 1991, then entered the University of Florida school of medicine in 1992 and graduated with a bachelors of medicine in the physician assistant program in 1994.  Travis has worked in many areas including hospitals, emergency rooms, family practice, and urgent care.  She has been married to a great guy since 1994 and has 5 great kids.  They moved to Fortine, MT from Utah in August of 2018 and purchased a local bar, restaurant, and RV park and have plenty of family to help with this next adventure. 


Logan Health Primary Care - Eureka
304 Osloski Road
Eureka, MT 59917
p: (406) 297-3145
f: (406) 297-3364

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