Behavioral Health

We believe that mental health is equally as important as physical health. That’s why we offer respectful, clinically effective treatments through the collaborative efforts of a team that includes psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, mental health specialists and therapists. 

Through our treatment programs for children, adolescents and adults, we provide comprehensive care for people and their families experiencing mental or addictive disorders.

Our Behavioral Health Services

Some of our featured specialties include:
  • Co-Occurring Disorders: We provide treatment for co-occurring disorders to address both psychological/emotional and chemical dependency issues concurrently. 
  • Counseling: Our team of skilled professionals offers counseling, also called talk therapy, for individuals, families and couples.
  • Chemical Dependency: Chemical dependency, or addiction, is an illness that requires both psychological and physical care.
  • Depression Screenings & Support:
  • Psychiatry: Our psychiatrists are medical professionals who help people with emotional and psychiatric problems to stabilize, receive appropriate medications if needed, and learn healthy coping skills.
  • Psychology: Psychologists are mental health professionals who diagnose, assess and treat mental health conditions.