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About Glacier View Research Institute-Cancer

The staff at Glacier View Research Institute-Cancer work with the medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and oncology surgeons at Kalispell Regional Healthcare to find and conduct clinical research trials for patients with cancer or blood disorders. These trials involve therapies that may benefit our patients and often provide access to treatments that would not be available otherwise. We work with a variety of groups conducting nationwide trials, including the National Cancer Institute and various pharmaceutical companies.


See our complete list of current cancer trials.

Meet the Cancer Research Team

Elise Anderes, MD, Medical Director, Principal Investigator, Medical Oncologist
Jeffrey Eshleman, MD, Principal Investigator, Radiation Oncologist
Melissa Hulvat, MD, Principal Investigator, Breast Cancer Surgeon
Karen Hunt, MD, Principal Investigator, Medical Oncologist
Jose Ness, MD, Sub-Investigator, Medical Oncologist
Ryan Roop, MD, Principal Investigator, Medical Oncologist
Gordon Stillie, MD, Principal Investigator, Radiation Oncologist
Peter Wagner, MD, Principal Investigator, Medical Oncologist
Justin Linam, MD, Sub-Investigator, Radiation Oncologist
Mary de Souza, NP, Sub-Investigator, Radiation Oncology
Amanda Bailey, NP, Sub-Investigator, Medical Oncology
Mandy Bartlett, RN, CCRC, Certified Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator
Lisa Harp-Sansone, CCRP, Regulatory Specialist

The cancer research team also includes providers from Urology Associates, Flathead Urology, the Digestive Health Institute of Montana, Northern Rockies Neurosurgery, Northwest Montana Surgical Oncology, and Rocky Mountain Heart & Lung-Pulmonology.

Contact Us

Glacier View Research Institute-Cancer
Northwest Oncology & Hematology
350 Heritage Way, Suite 1100
Kalispell, MT 59901

Mandy Bartlett, RN, CCRC
Phone: (406) 752-8669
Fax: (406) 751-3069

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