Logan Health Children's Primary Care

At Logan Health Children's Primary Care, a department of Logan Health Medical Center, we follow a team approach with families to provide quality health care for children of all ages in northwest Montana.

At its inception in 1972, our practice was known simply as “Dr. Wilder’s Office.” Dr. Wallace Wilder began providing pediatric care for children in the Flathead Valley that year, gradually expanding his practice in the early 2000s.

Today, Logan Health Children's Primary Care (formerly Sunny View Pediatrics) is proud to offer our families the expertise of four experienced pediatricians and a family nurse practitioner. Our support staff of competent and compassionate registered nurses and office personnel completes this package. We are honored to join together with you, parents and caregivers, to offer a team approach in the health care of your children.

We believe good communication is essential to make this team approach work, and we encourage you to share openly your feelings and concerns.

Our Services

From the time your child is born all the way through the late teens, you want only the best health care to make sure your son or daughter enjoys life to the fullest. We provide focused, compassionate guidance for every stage of development – because we care.

Well-Child Visits

Preventive health care is very important in keeping your child healthy and happy. Routine well-child visits are a good step in identifying health challenges before they become significant. We also strongly believe in the safety and effectiveness of childhood immunizations, and we believe these are some of the most important things you can do to protect your child’s health (please refer to our Vaccine Policy Statement on our Contact Us page).

Well-child appointments are scheduled regularly according to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendations. They begin at the age of 2 weeks and continue at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12, months, 15 months and 18 months, and continue yearly starting at age 2.

These important visits provide an opportunity for you to discuss your child’s growth and development. You also are given appropriate information pertaining to developmental milestones, safety, nutrition and immunizations. A complete physical examination is included.

Well-child visits at Logan Health Children's Primary Care are more involved than sick-child visits and should be scheduled in advance. Since these appointments require parents to fill out screening questionnaires and include immunizations, we prefer that only parents bring the child for these appointments, unless prior arrangements are made.

Sick-Child Visits

Having a sick child can be very frightening for parents. If you feel your child needs to be seen, please call early in the day, if possible, so your child has an opportunity to be seen here at Logan Health Children's Primary Care instead of an urgent care or the emergency room.

If you feel the problem is urgent, please let the front office staff know of your concerns.