Student Affiliations

COVID-19 Update

Information will continue to evolve and we will update this information as it becomes available. Thank you for your understanding.

You must review the COVID-19 Student, Instructor and Trainee Requirements


Logan Health seeks to contribute to the education of students and other trainees by maintaining a student affiliation/observer/non-employee training program committed to providing quality learning and training experiences.

Student Program

This is a formal program of study in which the student is currently enrolled and is seeking a clinical rotation, clerkship or externship experience at any Logan Health facility. An affiliation agreement with the school is required.
On-Site Instructors

Observer Program

An observer is a person who is in the facility to shadow a specific person(s). The observer will have no direct physical contact with the patient, nor would he/she, in any way, direct or participate in the treatment of the patient. This person is in the organization to observe only.

Non-Employee Training Program

A non-employee is a person employed by another facility (i.e., a hospital or physician clinic) seeking practical experience or training at Logan Health. We our proud to support a hands-on programs for our fellow health care workers. If you only wish to observe, with no-hands on training, please use our Observer link.
Non-Employee Training Program

Summer Intership/Sorini Endowment Internship

Please contact Monica Slagle ( for the password to this link.
Summer Internships