CE Turf Testimonials


I’ve been doing CE for 2 years.  After 6 years of declining bone density despite taking prescribed medication my doctor told me that I was the kind of person that will tend to get frail as I age, and that the only thing that could turn that around is to lift heavy weights.  Most importantly, by doing the C.E. Barbell Program my bone density has remained stable though I no longer take medication.  I also enjoy the companionship and inspiration of the other CE members seeking to improve and maintain their health.  The trained coaches keep a watchful eye on our form which helps make even heavy lifting safe…..  “Don’t call me Frail!!”
- Janette Braaten

Running, biking and Nordic skiing are my passions. I have been aware for a long time of the critical need for weight training. I worked the weights without a specific plan or coaching, with limited success. When I saw a runner friend in barbell, I asked about the class. After a enthusiastic referral I signed up for the Barbell Program. My goals were strength training of opposing muscle groups, core strength and instruction to avoid injury! I was in good condition, but the class kicked conditioning up a notch or two. There hasn't been any burn out as the programs change regularly.
The coaches are superb in the attention to form, encouragement and enthusiasm. I can only assess the effect on my running and biking at this time, the same hills both in running and biking aren't as tough and downhill running is much improved due to balanced leg conditioning.
Can't wait for ski season!
- Mike Fraser, avid outdoorsman

I have participated in these programs since the introduction of Parisi "Adult Total Conditioning".  That program morphed into the current Total Conditioning Program which I participated in for 4-5 years.  I switched over to MetCon about 2 years ago and love the program.  It is a great mix of weight training and cardio - which is important to me at my age.I want to stay in shape, but I also wnat to slow the natural loss of strength and muscle mass.  MetCon 3 times per week provides the solution to those goals!!  MetCon is great for all ages.  You can push yourself to get stronger, faster and perform at a higher level in daily activities.  There is also the fun and motivation that comes from the team that you workout with.  It is a great program with excellent coaches - I would recommend it to anyone.
- Dave Waldenberg

I've been a part of C.E. for the past 2 years, starting with Total Conditioning before moving to MetCon.  The program has kept me on track for a health lifestyle by setting goals and keeping me motivated and accountable.  MetCon has been a great program with motivating coaches and members.  I like that I can push myself while also being motivated by other in the the class.  The workouts are always changing and challenging, which keeps me coming back for more.
- Jocelyn Gerbozy