Barbell Testimonials

I’ve been doing CE for a year and a half.  After 6 years of declining bone density despite taking prescribed medication my doctor told me that I was the kind of person that will tend to get frail as I age, and that the only thing that could turn that around is to lift heavy weights.  Most importantly, by doing CE my bone density has remained stable though I no longer take medication.  I also enjoy the companionship and inspiration of the other CE members seeking to improve and maintain their health.  The trained instructors keep a watchful eye on our form which helps make even heavy lifting safe…..  “Don’t call me Frail!!” - Janette Braaten

"I started Barbell in September of 2017. It has been a year requiring patience; between learning form and technique and allowing time for muscle growth. In the process, I have learned a very important lesson about Barbell. I have learned to trust the coaches and the workout programs they have created for me and many others to help us become stronger and better. They have helped me set and achieve challenging yet attainable goals and have encouraged me to continue my strength training. All of this while having fun and creating lasting friendships with those around me who enjoy this awesome thing we call training!" - Kallie Woods, KRH RN

"After suffering for over 30 years with back pain and weakness, which led to progressive overall physical weakness and weight gain, it was recommended that I do more physical activity to strengthen my core and to improve overall fitness.  Competitive Edge Barbell training provided me with a structured method of regaining overall mobility and improving personal confidence.  I’m now addicted to the classes and have built great friendships and a support network, with my fellow barbell classmates, to continue to achieve greater levels of fitness!” - Whitney Casey, KRH Collaborative Services Coordinator

Running, biking and Nordic skiing are my passions. I have been aware for a long time of the critical need for weight training. I worked the weights without a specific plan or coaching, with limited success. When I saw a runner friend in barbell, I asked about the class. After a enthusiastic referral I signed up. My goals were strength training of opposing muscle groups, core strength and instruction to avoid injury! I was in good condition, but the class kicked conditioning up a notch or two. There hasn't been any burn out as the programs change regularly.
The three coaches are superb in the attention to form, encouragement and enthusiasm. I can only assess the effect on my running and biking at this time, the same hills both in running and biking aren't as tough and downhill running is much improved due to balanced leg conditioning.
Can't wait for ski season!
” - Mike Fraser, avid outdoorsman