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Logan Health has taken a significant step towards improving access to health care for students, faculty and staff with the introduction of a new school-based mobile unit. This initiative, made possible by a generous $500,000 donation from the Broussard Family Trust to the Logan Health Foundation, marks a pivotal moment in enhancing health care accessibility for underserved populations.

School-based health centers have long been recognized as an integral part of comprehensive health care strategies, aiming to address the physical and mental well-being of students and staff, while minimizing disruptions to education caused by health-related issues. These health centers offer a wide range of services, including preventive care, treatment for acute and chronic conditions and mental health support.

“Students succeed when they are at their healthiest, and this mobile unit represents a significant step in delivering quality health care directly within the school environment,” said Brittany Coburn, NP, director of the School-Based Health Center program. “Our mission is to reach communities that may not have a dedicated nurse or a place to provide care. Now, we can bring that care directly to them in their school.”

The new school-based mobile unit also represents an expansion of resources to rural communities where health care access might otherwise be limited. One of the primary beneficiaries of this initiative is the economically disadvantaged student population, many of whom live at or below the poverty line. For these students, access to health care services can be particularly challenging due to the financial constraints and geographical barriers . By bringing health care directly to school campuses, Logan Health’s mobile unit ensures immediate access to care, minimizing the impact of health issues on their well-being. In eliminating the need for extensive travel, the mobile unit also  saves time for parents,  reducing the likelihood of missed work or school days while ultimately promoting greater community engagement and academic continuity

Logan Health partnered with NomadGCS, a local manufacturer specializing in mobile medical and health care vehicles, for the construction of the mobile unit. The unit was unveiled in the spring and will begin serving the West Valley, Marion and Kila communities. Outreach to additional communities will be scheduled in the following school year.

As Logan Health continues to prioritize accessibility and innovation in health care delivery, the introduction of the school-based mobile unit exemplifies this commitment to addressing the evolving needs of rural communities. By bringing quality health care directly to where it’s needed most, Logan Health is not only transforming the lives of students and families, but also laying the groundwork for healthier, more resilient communities for generations to come.