Medical play dolls

Medical Play Dolls are used as a teaching tool with our Child Life Specialists to help explain medical procedures to patients. By allowing the patient to be “in charge” of “performing” a medical procedure on his or her doll, the patient learns about the procedure as well as gains a sense of control over their situation in the hospital. 

Logan Health Children’s focuses on family-centered care – taking care of the whole family. One of the key programs that helps maintain this focus is Child Life. Child Life specialists work with children and families at Logan Health Children’s to help them cope with the challenges of being in the hospital. Through both therapeutic and recreational play, Child Life provides the tools for kids to express themselves and their emotions in a way that comes naturally to them – through play.

Doll & gown patterns

Medical Play Doll pattern
Gown pattern
Pajama bottom pattern

Medical Play Dolls can be dropped off at the front desk of the Logan Health Children's lobby or to Carly Rickard. For more information about the facility or to schedule a donation drop off, please contact:

Carly Rickard 
Chief Development Officer
Logan Health Children’s  
(406) 270-4108
[email protected]