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Billings Clinic Specialty Pharmacy and Logan Health Pharmacy – Clinical are now partnering to provide specialty medications across Montana. This new collaboration will greatly benefit patients by ensuring that their medication can be filled at the most convenient location for them at the lowest cost.

A medication is considered specialty if it:

  • treats specific, mainly long-term, and often rare conditions
  • has special requirements, such as storage and handling
  • has restricted access and can only be ordered by certain pharmacies
  • is expensive, ranging from $6,000 to $750,000 per year, often requiring patients to find financial assistance programs
  • requires careful patient management or provider supervision and counseling

Patients who require these medications often need personalized customer service and support from specialty pharmacy staff, which both pharmacies are ready to provide. Each team will be equipped to work with the patient, their provider, and the insurance company to provide a one-stop solution for their health needs. They will also assist with prior authorization, drug interaction screenings and injection training, and will help the patient review their benefits and insurance and find available financial resources.

With these new services and added expertise, patients across Montana with complex health needs will be better equipped than ever to manage their medications with confidence.