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The Logan Health Faith Community Nursing Program will soon be hosting another season of classes designed to promote health and wellbeing for community members. These classes are uniquely designed to address common health topics from a holistic perspective, recognizing the many dimensions of health that contribute to wellness. In addition to being both relevant and applicable, many of the classes will be interactive as well, giving participants the opportunity to practice the wellness principles during the class.

Topics in the series include Spirituality & Health, Relax and Remove Stress with Tai Chi, Alzheimer’s/Dementia, Vision Boards, Mental Health Resources, and Use it or Lose it: The Importance of Strength Training. Our class instructors are made up of a variety of experts, including licensed health professionals, chaplains, coaches, and community educators. We encourage any who are interested in attending a class to drop in. There is no charge for attending a class and no registration is required. To find details for each class, please see the calendar below.

The Faith Community Nurse Program is a community-based health ministry that nurtures their congregations and communities through ministries of service, prayer, and outreach. Traditionally, this concept is focused on health as an expression of well-being. It concentrates on the intentional care of the spirit, the prevention or minimization of illness, the promotion of health, the maintenance of wellness, and embraces holistic health concepts that emphasize spiritual, physical and emotional dimensions of wellness. Logan Health is proud to offer this program as an interfaith ministry designed to promote health and wellness within the values, beliefs and practices of our local faith communities.

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