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Journey to Wellness Program

The purpose of this self-pay program is to help patients with health challenges, diagnosed chronic conditions, orthopedic or other medical problems adopt and maintain a regular pattern of exercise and a healthier lifestyle by providing ongoing wellness assistance. For more information call (406) 751-4106 or email

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Workman's Compensation Clinical Program

The Workman's Compensation Clinical Program benefits individuals with diagnosed chronic conditions, orthopedic or other medical problems resulting from a workman's compensation claim. Insurance occasionally covers this program. For more information:

Cathy Lisowski, Clinical Supervisor
Phone: (406) 751-4507
Fax: (406) 751-4101

Michele Maher, Clinical Representative
Phone: (406) 751-4106
Fax: (406) 751-4121


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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a medically supervised, telemetry monitored exercise and risk factor reduction/healthy lifestyle education  program. The goals of cardiac rehabilitation are to establish an individualized plan to increase strength, endurance, balance & flexibility while employing behavioral coaching strategies to minimize risk factors, promote a healthy lifestyle, reduce the risk of future heart problems, and to improve quality of life. This program is covered by medicare, medicaid and most other insurance companies for individuals with the following diagnosis: heart attack, bypass/valve surgery, angioplasty/stents, stable angina, heart transplant, heart failure. Other cardiac diagnosis may be covered.

For more information call (406) 751-4507 or email

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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Medicare covers this program for patients who have lung disease, such as asthma, emphysema or chronic bronchitis, the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program offers exercise and education designed to strengthen the respiratory muscles and muscles of the arms, trunk and legs. For more information call 751-4514 or email

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Respiratory Care Services

Respiratory care services is meant for patients who have a documented respiratory illness and need breathing retraining but do not fit the requirements for Pulmonary Rehabilitation. These patients include: lung disease, such as persistent asthma, emphysema or chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, Interstitial lung disease, and non-qualifying COPD.  this offers exercise and education designed to improve the strength and endurance of the respiratory muscles and muscles of the arms, trunk and legs and to improve respiratory function.

For more information, contact Al Hofmeister: 751- 4514

Lifestyle Balance Pre-Diabetes Class

For more information call (406) 751-6779 or email