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Family practice provider Jerilyn Bodey, FNP, recognized the difficulties parents experience when they lack adequate supplies while their child is in the NICU, so she reached out to Idaho nonprofit Jackson Peter Ward Strong, LLC, to coordinate an ongoing supply of NICU survival kits for Logan Health Children’s.

Jackson Peter Ward, LLC, is an Idaho nonprofit that provides survival kits for parents of infants that are life-flighted to NICUs. These survival kits include the necessities that parents might forget or may not have time to pack in an emergency, such as a razor, toothpaste, toothbrush and phone charger.

Jerilyn met Katie Northcutt, director of Jackson Peter Ward Strong, LLC, two years ago, and reached out to her recently to explore the opportunity of receiving their NICU survival kits. In a thank you letter, Katie credits Jerilyn for “single-handedly arranging” the donation by researching Logan Health Children’s eligibility, requesting samples, and engaging leadership for approval and implementation. In doing so, Jerilyn has brought these NICU care kits to their first Montana hospital, and Logan Health Children’s expects the first delivery on August 4, 2024. Jerilyn’s next goal is to get the kits implemented in Missoula, Helena and Great Falls.

Because of Jerilyn’s efforts and the generosity of Jackson Peter Ward Strong, LLC, NICU families can focus less on the supplies they need, and more on the journey of healing with their child. Logan Health is proud to recognize Jerilyn for her thoughtfulness, initiative, and exceptional commitment to helping patient families.

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