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Emergency Department

NVH Emergency Department
Emergency Department When seconds count, you’ll find North Valley Hospital’s 24/7 Emergency Department equipped with highly qualified doctors, nurses and staff and modern technology.

Our Imaging Department offers MRI, ultrasound, low-dose 64-slice CAT scans, echocardiograms and X-ray. Our CAP certified laboratory is ready 24/7 to meet your emergency needs. If a surgery is required, we have a general surgeon on call 24 hours a day to provide you with the necessary care.

To accommodate the entire family, the Emergency Department’s main waiting area offers privacy from the rest of the hospital; a family consultation and grieving room is available. North Valley Hospital’s Emergency Department has a centralized monitoring system/physician and nurse station for the six private treatment rooms and two trauma rooms.

An Asthma Education Program helps identify emergency room patients with asthma, or the potential for asthma, and helps them manage their symptoms (free of charge) even if this was not the primary reason for their visit.

Emergency Treatment and Services

Emergency Department The Emergency Department works in collaboration with a variety of physician practices to ensure that each patient receives the appropriate level of care needed. For specialized services, on-call physicians are available for consultation for the following areas: orthopedic, obstetrical, gynecological, urological, general surgery, internal medicine and pediatrics. The specialized physician services are billed separately from North Valley Hospital.

Our triage nurse assesses patients and prioritizes their condition or severity of symptoms. This may mean that patients who arrive after you and have more critical issues may be seen before you. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Should a patient require treatment not available at our facility, our team will arrange transfer by ambulance or air transport to a facility that can provide the services you need.

Upon release from North Valley Hospital, discharge instructions will be provided including follow-up care and applicable medication instructions. In some cases, you may need assistance from a family member or friend to ensure your safe return home.

A Community Trauma Center

Emergency Department North Valley Hospital is designated as a Community Trauma Center. The Emergency Department staff at NVH has been training, updating equipment, and creating new policies and procedures regarding trauma care for the past two years. The designation means that NVH is approved to care for seriously injured patients; however, major traumas may be transferred to a higher-level center. Due to seasonal tourism combined with a wide variety of outdoor activities, trauma seems to be on the rise. North Valley Hospital’s Emergency Department team is fully capable and equipped to respond with the necessary care that trauma patients need.

In 2015 the NVH Emergency Department received certification as a Pediatric Prepared Facility, having demonstrated its ability to provide advanced pediatric care for the majority of pediatric medical emergencies including illness and injury. The certification was granted by the Emergency Medical Services for Children Program at the Montana Department of Health and Human Services EMS and Trauma System, and Child Ready MT.

In the event that you need emergency care, North Valley Hospital is here to serve you.