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Diabetes Prevention Program

Diabetes Prevention Program

The Diabetes Prevention Program at North Valley Hospital is a diabetes prevention class, nutrition, weight loss and movement program to help you become a healthier you. Taught by registered dietitians and certified wellness coached, this year-long lifestyle change program focused on nutrition, movement, and changing habits to improve success. 

The 12-month program has 26 sessions held on Mondays 5:30-6:30 p.m. Classes are weekly March through May and bi-monthly from June through February 2022.

The 12-month individualized lifestyle change program includes:
  • Healthy eating and increased physical activity
  • Support from certified lifestyle coaches
  • Short-term membership to The Wave and group personal training
  • Accountability and encouraging, supportive atmosphere
  • Helpful incentives throughout the program
In the class sessions you will: 
  • Learn to eat healthy food without giving up foods you love
  • Learn ways to add physical activity into your busy schedule
  • Learn ways to cope with challenges like how to choose healthy foods when traveling and eating out
  • Receive free enrollment into Walk with Ease program for increased accountability and activity
  • Meet awesome people!

Cost and Registration

Program cost is $150. Scholarships are available. Participants will be refunded $50 based on attendance. The program is funded through the Montana Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Prevention grant. Learn more about the Montana Diabetes Prevention Program

Start Date: March 1, 2021
Deadline To Register: February 24, 2021
Physician referral is required. 

Call (406) 863-3519 or email to learn more.


“I would like to take time to help anybody that wants to take this class. I learned so much about myself and was able to apply this learning to good health and just being accountable to so many things in my life.  The women that teach this class are so wonderful and helpful to everyday challenges in being aware of what it takes to learn about healthy eating and exercise. We even got to be part of The Wave and learn how to exercise and feel good. It made me be accountable to watching what I was able to control in my everyday life. I did realize what my triggers in my eating and helpful to what I can do. I miss the group and talking about challenges and met some great people with the same struggles. Just a wonderful thing to do with help not only from our leaders but fellow members. I feel like I am on a good path now to be able to follow through with all the knowledge I learned. Thank you so much to Carrie and Carrie for all their help on this ongoing journey of a better life.”    - Chyral 

“I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to enroll in the program to do so. It will help you to learn and practice life skills that will increase your health, emotional and physical well-being. You’ll be on your way to becoming a better you!”    - Shannon 

“The program does not have many rules to follow, so it is relatively painless. One can eat real food, you do not need to purchase anything else. We all groaned about tracking, but tracking is the only way you know what you are putting in your mouth, write everything down, I still do it to this day. The energy I came out of the program with is truly amazing and I am thankful every day that I took this course. The guidance, compassion, knowledge and encouragement you receive from Carrie and Carrie cannot be found anywhere else or in any other program, they are actually still available to us 'graduates' and happily answer any question one may have, how cool is that!  You do not find that kind of commitment in any other program, it is phenomenal!”     - Sharon