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Outpatient Total Joint Replacement

North Valley Surgical Services
North Valley Hospital and its surgeons are offering outpatient total joint replacement. As medical technology and the world of medicine continues to advance, total joint replacement surgery in an outpatient setting is becoming more common place and is considered an innovative approach. Our surgeons and staff understand that an increasing number of people prefer to recover at home with the assistance of family or friends in the comfort of their own home. North Valley Hospital’s Outpatient Total Joint Program is patient-focused and designed for people who are motivated to recover quickly.

To ensure the safest and most successful outcome possible, patients must meet strict health criteria in order to be considered an ideal candidate for an outpatient total joint surgery. You and your surgeon will determine if this option is right for you.

For those patients who will be having surgery as an outpatient, in an effort to best educate and prepare you for your upcoming outpatient total joint surgery and recovery you will be scheduled to have a one-on-one education visit at North Valley Hospital. This will take place approximately two weeks prior to your surgery with two members of our orthopedic team. It is required that your Care Partner attend this visit along with you as their involvement is vital for your successful recovery.

Topics discussed during your education visit include:
  • Your Surgical Experience – Day of Surgery
  • Goals for Discharge Home
  • Pain Management
  • Preparing for Your Recovery
  • Incision Care and Symptom Management at Home
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Your Questions/Concerns
Our goal is to make sure that you are well informed regarding your total joint surgery and associated recovery. Proper education and your understanding of what lies ahead is essential to your successful recovery at home.