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The Logan Health – Whitefish Planetree Experience

NVH Experience
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Planetree Philosophy of Health Care

Logan Health – Whitefish and its outreach clinics practice the Planetree health care philosophy of patient-centered care in a healing environment. Planetree is an independent organization that assists medical facilities with best practices to demystify, humanize and personalize the patient experience.

Using the Planetree philosophy, we focus on healing not only the body, but the mind and spirit too. To us, our patients are people with feelings and desires outside of their immediate medical needs. It’s not just what we believe, but integral to what we practice 24/7. Patients and their families recognize and appreciate the level of personal care received at Logan Health – Whitefish. It also inspires our caring staff, while attracting and retaining the best health care professionals from around the country.

Learn about the 10 key components of the Planetree health care philosophy.

Smoke-Free / Tobacco-Free

Smoke-free Logan Health – Whitefish has joined hospitals across the state in taking an important step in adopting a campus-wide tobacco-free policy. Our goal is to provide the healthiest possible environment for everyone and to be a model of health-enhancing practices.