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Why strength train with Competitive Edge?

Stronger is better.


Summit members Mike Fraser and Leann Speakman got involved with Competitive Edge for different reasons and both are experiencing the benefits of strength training.

Mike has a passion for running, biking and Nordic skiing. He’s been aware for a long time of the critical need for weight training. He’s worked the weights without a specific plan or coaching  with limited success. When he saw a runner friend in barbell training he asked about the class. After an enthusiastic referral he signed up. His goals were strength training of opposing muscle groups, core strength and instruction to avoid injury. He was in good condition, but the class kicked his conditioning up a notch. There hasn't been any burn out as the programs change regularly. The three coaches are superb in the attention to form, encouragement and enthusiasm. He can only assess the effect on his running and biking at this time, the same hills both in running and biking aren't as tough and downhill running is much improved due to balanced leg conditioning he’s gained from his Competitive Edge barbell class. Mike can’t wait for ski season to start.

Leann wanted and needed to feel in control again after coming through a cancer diagnosis. She was running regularly, but weight training scared her a bit because she was unfamiliar. In fact, she was really nervous about doing it “right”. The Competitive Edge program at The Summit and the coaches, walked her through everything, starting with the fundamental basics. They ensured that she used proper form and technique from the beginning. Her sense of empowerment from those incremental weight increases was astonishing. The strength, confidence and discipline Leann gained with every class is a gift to herself and her health.

Competitive Edge represents a transformational shift in the fitness industry back to the basics. What’s old is now new. Our goal is to help you build a stronger, more useful body through a simple, practical, results-driven approach employing barbell training. We live in a world full trendy equipment, ankle bands, and bosu balls. You’ll learn that a barbell is all you really need.

When we train, we aim to master barbell exercises, and then, little by little, make them harder. Over time, this carefully managed cycle of stress, recovery and adaptation increases the functional capacity of the entire body and rewards us with more muscle mass and bone density, less fat, better balance and coordination, and increased stamina and energy. This time-tested approach to strength training is fun, safe, challenging and incredibly fulfilling. It works for any person of any age and is, without a doubt, the most effective and efficient way to improve the way you look, feel and move. As a Competitive Edge member you’ll have access to our specialized strength and conditioning coaches. Have additional questions about your goals, technique, or program? We’re here to partner with you to ensure you meet your goals.

Learn more about Competitive Edge, if like Mike and Leann, you’re interested in exploring the courageous journey of strength.


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