16:56 PM

Visitor restrictions begin for KRH

Beginning Thursday, January 11, visitor restrictions will be in effect for Kalispell Regional Healthcare.

Kalispell Regional Medical Center, The HealthCenter and Brendan House

Due to the increase in influenza (flu) and other contagious respiratory illnesses in the community, children under age 13 are not allowed to visit until further notice.

Adults who are feeling unwell also should not visit. You are always welcome to send a greeting.

North Valley Hospital

In an effort to keep patients, visitors and staff safe during flu season, North Valley Hospital asks visitors to:

  • Wear a mask if you have any cold or flu symptoms (cough, fever, muscle aches and/or runny nose).
  • Avoid public spaces if you have any cold or flu symptoms, especially the cafeteria and nourishment stations.
  • As always, wash your hands before and after visiting a patient.

If you have questions, please ask the receptionist, admissions clerk or the nurse.

Thank you

We appreciate your help in keeping your loved ones safe and infection-free.