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North Valley Hospital Looks Ahead to 2019

North Valley Hospital is looking ahead to 2019 with optimism and enthusiasm for the new year. Again, we look forward to partnering with our communities and finding more ways to serve our patients, provide better access to quality care, and address local healthcare needs.

North Valley Hospital has highlighted a few key initiatives for 2019, and there are many more projects in store including new services, providers, and other updates that we are excited to share as those develop throughout the year.

For 2019, we look ahead to the following:

Birth Center works toward Safe Sleep Certification

The Birth Center at North Valley Hospital recently earned Baby Friendly designation, as overseen by Baby Friendly USA and developed by the World Health Organization. As a leader in infant and family health, The Birth Center now plans to complete certification as a Safe Sleep Facility by mid-2019, and is part of an initiative to make Montana a Safe Sleep State.

Mental and Behavioral Health Partnerships

North Valley Hospital, the North Valley Hospital Foundation, and North Valley Behavioral Health continue to work together to increase access to mental and behavioral health resources and to build partnerships with organizations in the Flathead Valley to support this need. North Valley Hospital has worked closely with the Nate Chute Foundation to continue suicide prevention programs in area schools, and North Valley Behavioral Health continues to provide mental health resources to schools via the School Based Health Clinic and behavioral telehealth. NVH boasts the only School Based Integrated Clinic in a rural setting in Montana.

Community Health Needs Assessment

Every three years, North Valley Hospital collaborates with Kalispell Regional Medical Center and the Flathead County Health Department to develop a Community Health Needs Assessment, currently being completed for 2019. This assessment then directs growth in hospital services, programs, and clinics, as providers and administrators work to continually address needs in healthcare as determined by community members. In the three years since the last assessment, healthcare facilities have addressed behavioral health education and services, access to medical and oral healthcare, and promotion of healthy lifestyles as outlined in the previous Community Health Needs Assessment.

Remodeling Rooms for Improved Patient Experience

North Valley Hospital is remodeling patient rooms for privacy in 2019, with the first rooms to be completed at the end of January. The new rooms will include partitions to reduce noise, in addition to technological upgrades such as wireless headphones to support the quiet at night initiative. The remodels are supported by fundraising efforts by the North Valley Hospital Foundation and grants from the Whitefish Community Foundation and Halliburton.

By Allison Linville
Originally published in the Whitefish Pilot, January 30, 2019