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New Summit member referral program

Working out is better together with a friend. At the Summit, we’re constantly striving to add more value to your membership. Now when you refer a friend, you will receive a $25 credit towards your membership dues. It’s easy and there’s no limit on the number of friends you can refer!

Step 1: Sign the referral card and give it to your friend.

Step 2: Have your friend present the signed referral card at the time they join.

Step 3: We will adjust your next month’s dues to reflect the $25 credit.












            Four reasons to exercise with a friend

  • It’s motivating – scheduling a time to exercise with a friend makes you more accountable and less likely to talk yourself out of your exercise plan.
  • It’s fun – sharing your experience with someone else is always enjoyable.
  • You’ll workout harder – having someone to push you through that last set is a great way to get the most out of your workout.
  • You may try new things – it’s less intimidating to try new exercises, classes or equipment when you have the support of a friend. 

    Program Details

    A referred friend must purchase a contractual membership from The Summit for you to qualify for a credit. This is for a new membership only. Complimentary memberships, temporary memberships and family add-ons to the referring member’s primary account do not qualify for this program.

    To be eligible for Referral Program credit, you must meet all of the following requirements:

    • Be a current Summit member (excluding guest/short-term members, trial or complimentary members and sub-members who are part of a current membership).• Be 18 years or older.• Be financially current on your account

    Stop by the front desk or Member Services for a Member Referral Card or download one here. Please contact Member Services with questions, 406.751.4107 or [email protected]