13:24 PM

Montana Children's launches new brand identity

On July 1, 2019, Montana Children’s will open its doors to the children and families of our region. Montana Children’s was created to provide local access to high quality pediatric specialty care, including the largest group of fellowship-trained pediatric specialists in the state. The 190,000 square foot facility, designed exclusively for children, is the only one of its kind in the State of Montana and will significantly impact the health and well-being of local children and their families.

With more than 100 pediatric primary care/family medicine providers, more than 40 pediatric specialty providers, pediatric acute care, pediatric intensive care, neonatal intensive care and a wide range of outpatient care and support services, Montana Children’s is elevating and transforming the way pediatric care is delivered to our region, saving the lives and improving the health of children for generations to come.

To kick off this next era of KRH’s history, we recognized that a fresh brand can convey our commitment to our patients and our renewed drive as an organization. You will notice a different look and feel to the brand identity for Montana Children’s. The colorful, multifaceted, image of the mother and cub represents the many services and specialties whose sole purpose is to care for Montana’s children and families. Our team of providers, nurses and others all work together and support each other for a unified approach to the best possible care we can provide for children.

This transformation won’t stop with Montana Children’s. In fact, it sets the tone and is the catalyst for the transformation of Kalispell Regional Healthcare as a whole. As KRH expands its reach, our brand should represent our position as a regional and statewide entity that’s devoted to the health and wellbeing of Montanans. We’re excited for the future of Kalispell Regional Healthcare, and we thank you for being an essential part of our team.

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