14:35 PM

Kalispell Regional Healthcare Announces New, Unifying System Name – Logan Health

MONTANA, December 4, 2020 – In 2021, Kalispell Regional Healthcare will transition to a new name. Today, the healthcare system is announcing the unifying of its locations under the name Logan Health. The new name will take effect beginning in January 2021.

Kalispell Regional Healthcare (KRH) has served Kalispell and the surrounding region since 1910. In its 110-year history, KRH grew and expanded services to ensure quality care would always be close at hand. This includes its core services of cancer care; cardiovascular and pulmonary care; neuroscience and spine care; orthopedics; surgical care; pediatric specialty care; and behavioral health. Currently, KRH employees more than 4,000 people including 197 physicians in 66 specialties. Their 47 clinics and outreach services stretch across the state.

“Our continued growth has brought us to a pivotal point,” said Craig Lambrecht, MD, President and CEO of KRH. “We feel that now is the time to truly unify our organization and move forward under the one name of Logan Health.”

The new name pays tribute to Logan Pass, one of the most visited sites within Montana’s Glacier National Park. Logan Pass sits at the highest point of Going-to-the-Sun Road, giving visitors unforgettable views of the Park.

“We are so fortunate to call Montana home,” said Dr. Lambrecht. “The Park is such a point of pride for so many who live here. We want to honor its rich history as we forge a new legacy for our future.”

Patients will see changes across all KRH entities, which Cindy Morrison, Chief Transformation Officer, says will make their experiences feel more connected.

“With this new name, our patients — no matter where they receive care — will have more of a seamless and streamlined experience,” said Morrison. “This makes it easier for them to find us in their communities and connect with us when they need us. And while our signs and the name on our badges are changing, our commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare is the same as it’s always been.”

All KRH employees will also take up the new banner of Logan Health, something Lambrecht is excited about.

“This is a great opportunity to bring our 4,000 employees closer together,” explained Lambrecht. “Although we are separated by distance, the transformation will stimulate a renewed sense of connectivity and pride internally for our new organizational name.”

As KRH transforms into Logan Health, Dr. Lambrecht is eager for what the future may hold.

“We want to heighten engagement in our communities, boldly invest in our amazing workforce and provide more innovative ways to care for our patients. This opens us up to new opportunities for success in the ever changing healthcare landscape and helps us to deliver exceptional care and an outstanding experience.”